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10-06-2005, 02:29 PM
The three new spells druids can quest for in the Depths of Darkhollow expansion are now in The Druids Grove spell forums.

L68 - Skin of the Reptile ( Short duration buff that has a chance to proc 600pt heal when player is hit.
L69 - Spore Spiral ( Low resist root with knockback.
L70 - Dawnstrike ( 2125pt Fire based nuke with chance to increase your next nuke by 100% or decrease it significantly.

Short overview on how to obtain these spells from our very own Fanra:

For the 68 spell (Reptile Skin): talk to Kelliad in Stoneroot Falls and do the following missions:

A Rogue's Trust, Scouting the City, Building the Disguise, The Search for Illsuras, The Rage of Kelliad

For the 69 spell (Spore Spiral): talk to Brovil Pallivineg in Corathus Creep and do the following missions:

The Lost Notebook, Cavern Botany, The Search for Clues, Rescue Cicero!

(I strongly suggest that you have at least one enchanter for Rescue Cicero! since you have to escort and keep alive a stupid NPC who loves to run into groups of mobs. Mezzing him, killing the mobs ahead of him and then mem wiping him is the way to go)

For the 70 spell (Dawnstrike): talk to Jarzarrad the Prophet in The Undershore and do the following missions:

Preemptive Strike, Praetorian Guard, The Fall of Illsalin, Flight of the Seeker, Into the Shadows

After doing each set, go visit Brother Hidden Path in The Undershore and hail him. He will then give you your spell.

Although most of the time the quest giver will only offer you the next mission in line, you can do them in any order if someone else gets it or you are offered more than one.

Some missions have two of the same name with one of them having "(hard)" after the name, that means the mission is harder and (I assume) offers greater experience and item reward. You do not have to do the hard missions, you can just do the normal one for the spell.

Curent information is being gathered in this thread (

A more thorough write up on the Spore Spiral mission series can be found here (

10-06-2005, 02:33 PM
I may be incorrect, but Dawnstrike I believe was altered to be upto 100 percent.