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10-10-2005, 08:41 AM

United Kingdoms is a guild in the Antonious Bayle server. We are not a hard-core guild, we are a large friendly guild that likes to raid quite often and plays GMT time.

We currently farming CoA, DoN and making our way into DemiPlan and ToB.

Our overall standing in the server: (link updated again)

You can find a list of our latest achievements here: (link updated)

We are currently recruitting, so if you are interested you can apply here: (link updated)

Guild Charter
• UK is based on friendship and unselfish behaviour.
• UK is not a hardcore raiding guild
• Raids are not compulsory, attendance appreciated.
• New members shall serve a probationary period of 3-6 weeks.
• Follow the Code of Conduct
• Raid attendies are expected to participate fully.
• Members must be 100% devoted to the guild.
• Membership of pseudo guilds is banned.

Raiding with UK
• Raid-leader is 'god'. He/she has similar powers - it is wholly recommended that you don't test these.
• Be Prompt - do things when you are asked.
• Be Accurate - do things as (and exactly as) you are asked.
• Be Patient - keep alert, don't arse about. Don't AFK unnecessarily.
• DO Ask questions - Not /rsay or raid channel - ask your group. Ignorance can be dangerous.
• Bust Jargon - make sure you really understand.
• Minimise spam - questions are great but they should be in the right place.

UK Raid Points
• Up to 2 phases for bidding, each consisting of 3 bidding rounds.
• All bids in multiples of 25, sent via a tell to the loot officer.
• Members are required to know their current points & negative caps.
• Phase 1 – Bid’s from mains and probationers with positive points are both allowed but must be stated in the actual bid. If round 1 is called twice with no interest then phase 2 will begin...
• Phase 2 – Bid’s from mains and probationers can bid up to your own personal negative hard cap. Bid’s from alt’s are permitted but to a maximum of the total unspent points. If round 1 is called twice with no interest or none eligable to bid then the item will be destroyed.
• The Points totals are the ones posted in the Roster, minus any wins since that roster was posted. Points earned since the roster was posted are not taken into consideration.
• The loot officer will not enter into any discussion regarding a players understanding of the rules during a raid.

The guild is still based on friendship and unselfish behaviour and thrives on good, humorous interaction amongst its members. This is by far the most important aspect of being a UK member.

However, its not all just about friendship. All of our members are very adept at playing their characters in groups and on raids. We appreciate that some people may be new to raiding but we expect them to learn quickly.

United Kingdoms is not a hardcore raiding guild in the sense of "if you are online you will raid". That said, we have 3 fixed raid nights a week and if something is up we will try to organise a go at it (member interest notwithstanding).

United Kingdoms - For those that like to raid and have a life

12-13-2005, 01:13 PM
The dominance in the healer channel has turned now to the clerics. However we are still looking for any of my fellow druids willing to have some fun and raid. :)

09-19-2006, 08:13 AM
Druids are needed once again - currently in the middle of CoA, completed DoN tier 4.

Starting to take peeps deeper in DoDH and PoR.

04-04-2007, 11:12 AM
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