View Full Forums : Revamped EQPlayers site, new all-inclusive EQ Collection and Account Reactivation!

12-19-2005, 03:02 PM
- On December 15, 2005, Sony Online revamped their Everquest players site. ( now includes sections that allow you to view your characters inventory (equipped and bagged) from the site. You can also access leader boards, search through their 4mil+ player dabatabase and view descriptions of every item found in the game as well as spell lists for every class. Some of these sections are Premium areas and after an initial period of free access, players will be asked to upgrade their Station Access to conitnue to use these new tools.

- Sony Online announced ( the debut of Everquest: Titanium, a collection of Everquest and all 10 expansions for $19.95, due on shelves January 11, 2006. Included will be all the in-game items that could be /claimed for every expansion as well as two unique claimable items. For those of you coming back to the game after an absence, here is the perfect opportunity to catch up on what you've been missing.

- All accounts closed for more than 45 days have been reactivated by Sony Online. You can now play for free on your old account for 21 days from the day you relog on. You must log for the first time before end of day, January 13, 2006 to take advantage of this.