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01-01-2006, 01:57 AM
Notes: The vast majority of this post comes from research done by people over at the Shaman forums ( I'm just a link hampster. Links marked with an asterisk* note the default reward for that mission, all others are random boss drops. Links marked with a plus sign+ are augments. The 68 spell arc does not have a hard setting, and the 69 arc does not have a fifth mission.

This is a work in progress. For now I'll begin with the default rewards on the standard setting, and expand it to include other mission lines (Freemind Cipher, Dreadspire Key, etc).

Also, while it's not a mission, if you didn't finish your LDoN charm or aren't a masochist, Slipgear's Gem ( is simple and will fit nicely into your existing PoP figurine, OoW, or DoN charm.

Spell Missions

Skin of the Reptile ( | Kelliad | Undershore

68.1 - "A Rogue's Trust"
*Pain Suffused Mask (
+Drachnid Empath Stone (
Shiliskin Flesh Gloves (

68.2 - "Scouting the City"
*Loose Weave Neckguard (
Tattered Shiliskin Slippers (

68.3 - "Building the Disguise"
*Rippled Cape (
Enchanted Neckguard (
Gloves of Sneaking (

68.4 - "The Search for Illsuras"
*Deathshed Priest Mantle (
Serpentscale Greaves (

68.5 - "The Rage of Kelliad"
*Adorned Acolyte Mask (
Ornate Round Toe Boots (
Prellius' Ornate Armband (

Spore Spiral ( | Brovil Palivineg | Corathus Creep

69.1 - "The Lost Notebook"
*+Hivegrime Stone of Thinking (
Cocoon Skin Arms (
Wall Climber Ring (

69.2 - "A Cavern Botany"
*+Hivegrime Stone of Faith (
Dark Web Cloak (
Wall Climber Earring (

69.3 - "The Search for Clues"
*+Hivegrime Stone of Warding (
Blood Fire Wand (
Molted Drachnid Chitin Vest (
+Crystaline Webbing of Warding (

69.4 - "Rescue Cicero!"
*+ Hivegrime Stone of Nullification (
Bony Dark Web Ring (

Dawnstrike ( | Jarzarrad the Prophet | Undershore

70.1 - "Preemptive Strike"
*Faithful Templar Belt (
Dead Water Ring (
+Fishgil Stone (
+Shimmer Scale (

70.2 - "Praetorian Guard"
*Korlach Signet Collar (
+Symbol of Praetorian Devotion (
Deepskin Bracelet (
Earring of Drowned Hope (
+Ward of the Legion (

70.3 - "The Fall of Illsalin"
*90?% of an AA at level 70. Same reward for normal and hard versions.

70.4 - "Flight of the Seeker"
*Dark Void Shoulders ( - will stack with Seasons, but not with other Form of ___ clicks.
+Dark Void Essence (
Void Mace (

70.5 - "Into the Shadows"
*Pristine Illsalin Stonecraft Mask (
Light Coral Barbed Shield (
+Shimmering Illsalin Jewelcrafter Stone (
+Warm Coral Stone (

Dreadspire Keep Access

DSK access involves completing certain missions all over Darkhollow. There's not really a Dreadspire 'arc' per se.

1. Talk to Treddlehoop in Corathus Creep to get "Scavenger Hunting".
*Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle

2. Talk to Brovil Palivineg in Corathus Creep to get "The Lost Notebook". This is the same task as 69.1.
*Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism

3. Talk to Mazil in Corathus Creep to get "Lost Gnomes".
*Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace
*Hivegrime Stone of Willpower (
Unresting Fingerbone Necklace (

4. Talk to Zahn in Undershore to get "Deserting the Ranks".
*Golden Shiliskin Tentacle Ring
*Korlach Sacrifice Plate (
+Cracked Nargilor Gem (
Nargilor Pearl (
Wall Climber Ring (

Find Treddlehoop again in CC when you are finished and turn in your four items. You'll receive
Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device, the Dreadspire Keep key.

01-01-2006, 03:19 AM
dude, where's the legionaire deep diver drop?

you linked it in another thread you tease, show me the money

01-01-2006, 03:21 PM
For now - Vorgannoth, Ruins of Illsalin, mission 1, hard setting is where the tunic I linked earlier is from :)

01-02-2006, 01:07 PM
Renamed thread and sticked. Excellent work, Juniper! I'm also splitting off your Dreadspire Keep Key Access post into it's own.