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01-02-2006, 01:11 PM
Reposting this from another thread by Juniper:

Dreadspire Keep Access

DSK access involves completing certain missions all over Darkhollow. There's not really a Dreadspire 'arc' per se.

1. Talk to Treddlehoop in Corathus Creep to get "Scavenger Hunting".
*Treddlehoop's Signature Monocle

2. Talk to Brovil Palivineg in Corathus Creep to get "The Lost Notebook". This is the same task as 69.1.
*Spectacular Image Enhancing Prism

3. Talk to Mazil in Corathus Creep to get "Lost Gnomes".
*Gold and Platinum Twined Necklace
*Hivegrime Stone of Willpower (
Unresting Fingerbone Necklace (

4. Talk to Zahn in Undershore to get "Deserting the Ranks".
*Golden Shiliskin Tentacle Ring
*Korlach Sacrifice Plate (
+Cracked Nargilor Gem (
Nargilor Pearl (
Wall Climber Ring (

Find Treddlehoop again in CC when you are finished and turn in your four items. You'll receive
Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device, the Dreadspire Keep key.