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Do anyone have more informations about the single arcs for this Mask?

i have a very short writeup in german and looking for more information

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Mask is combine of the 5 individual resist clickies.

Each resist clickie comes from a different mission set (arc).

Spell arc 69 (disease)
Spell arc 70 (poison)
Find Fibblebrap arc from Bellfast (fire)
Elder Longshadow (cold)
Korlach the Leviathan (magic)

After you complete one of the arcs, hail the fortune teller (NPC who gives mission) in NE corner of Undershore to get the fragment of the werewolf skull. Once you have all 5, you can turn them in for the mask. Then you have to exp to allow the mask to evolve to final version to reach the stats that you linked.

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(Copied from

Old Shiliskin Fortune Teller
-Located in the NE corner of Undershore, hidden away in the back (1330, -700, -11).
NOTE: This is an INTELLIGENT item.
-Walkthrough Provided by Laydin Spellbinder of Xegony

The Depths of Darkhollow:
1) Find Fiddlebrap in the Creep of Corathus - Bellfast Arc - FR: Fractured Werewolf Jawbone
2) Learn the fate of Elder Longshadow in Undershore - Shadowalker Dustspirit Arc - CR: Fractured Frontal Plate
3) Survive the Korlach Leviathan Below Stoneroot Falls - Widdlethorpe Arc - MR: Fractured Temporal Plate
4) Fulfill Jarzarrad's Prophecy in the Ruins of Illsalin - 70 spell Arc - DR: Fractured Werewolf Incisors
5) Rescue the Ecologist of Expedition 328 from the Hive - 69 spell Arc - PR: Fractured Bone Ridges
**NOTE: 69/70 Spell Arc Walkthrough PROVIDED BY CASTERSREALM (Gemdiver), and the submitters (

6) OPTIONAL: Combine all 5 clickies, and receive Ancient Werewolf Skull ( ( which evolves to The Skull of Den Lord Rakban ( ( The Mask is a clicky resist of 50 to all your resists.

ARC: 1) Find Fiddlebrap in the Creep of Corathus - Bellfast Arc
****NOTE: MUST have high AMIABLE "Expedition 328" Faction to get this ARC

1. Find Fibblebrap 1: The Mines:
Enter the instance, you will find a stone on the ground pick it up, it's the memory fragment you will need later. Make sure everyone is in the elevator. Hail the clockwork gnome to go down. Kill the greenies, and go down the elevator again. You will NEED a good puller, the blue con adds are NOT MEZZABLE. You will need to clear to the right, or the southern most room, you will find an Alapha Larva, kill it and loot the meat. Then go east to the SouthEastern Most room, there you will find a giant yellow conned Clockwork by the name of Clicktok, hail him to get the gem. Exit the Zone. Return to bellfast, and 1 person needs to turn in both the gem and memorysphere.
**Note: By Eliathen - the larvae runs are mezzable

2. Find Fibblebrap 2: Lost Caverns:
Head to the Lost Caverns Located in Stoneroot, in the Western Circle, In the center where the werewolves are located, there is a cave, enter it and go to the left, you'll see a temple look front, with a wooden door. Click the door to enter the Lost Caverns (Careful when heading there, there are see invis in the tunnel, and the wolves hit for 600's fast, so may need to zerg zone). The Zone is FILLED with Undead, and a few werewolves. The Namer Captain Therimal, is in the West part of the zone, and takes some fighting to get there. The undead are stun immune, adds very easily, and come in packs, so make sure to bring a chanter or a good puller at the very least. Repops are fast, so you want to just plow right through them. Once you're to the namer Captain Therimal, kill him, he will have 2 zombie guards, dark blue, and a red con scholor, they are all gimp, and easily defeated, and the namer Captain Therimal isn't too bad, he has an AE stun, when he's dead, loot fiblebraps gem 2. turn it is to Belfast.

3. Find Fibblebrap 3: The Hive:
The instance is located in the hive, at the one called Living Larder, it's the same one as rescue the gnomes from dredspire access, the one inside the 3rd hive tower. Follow your compass if need be. Once inside, clear the west portion of the zone. In the west portion of the next room, to the North is the Namer, red con, and hits hard and fast. To the south, is the exit. Clear both rooms. When that is done, attack namer, at 35% he will run and exit to the south, to another instance. Zone in, you're in the shelskin instance at the very top. This layout is the same as rescue cicero, except you're on the top not the bottom. You can fight down, or leviatate down. Once you at the bottom, clear the roamers and a few mobs around the bottom of the room. Pull the namer and kill him, he's rather simple, no sneaky tricks. Once he's dead you get a chest reward. Loot the gem from the body. Turn it into bellfast to complete.

4. Find Fibblebrap 4: The Korlach:
Go to Ruins of Illsalin, go to the Wallwatcher's Citadel, which is probably marked on your map, and probably came across this if you did the slipgear quest. Inside the building if you go up, you will see a cacoon in the corner. To open it, clear the room where it's at, the bottom and the bridge of dranchinds and anything else that's KoS. Once cleared /open the cacoon, and a sporilli pops out by the name of Neran Sporestomp. Invis vs Undead, and follow it, it will head down the ramp, south, out the room, across, the bridge, into the next room, up the ramp, and outside, all straight south. Outside you will come across a broken bridge, stand in front of him, and you will be thrown all the way to the other side, if you miss it, you're going to have to find other means of getting across.. But during the run, he will probably agro drachnids, you don't have to assist to save him, chances are if you do you'll agro the train of drachnids on him. Once across Enter the door behind you by clicking, you will enter an instance similar to the Patorian Guard, which is the same layout as 70.2 of spell progression. From here you will need to find the alchemist. To find/pop him, you must clear and crawl your way through, cause there will repops. Crawl your way though to the center of the zone, where you see the big pool of water. Go down, and fight your way through the underwater tunnels. At the end you will come across and underground cave. Clear the room of all mobs in the underground cave, and you will pop the alchemist, he will pop in the room, he's a red con, and very easy, he just has a ton of HPs. Kill him, loot the gem, turn it into bellfast to complete your mission.
***NOTE: this mission MAY be timed upon zone in, beleived to be 1 hour, to kill a certain amount of mobs to pop namer.

5. Find Fibblebrap 5: The Rescue:
Destroy 10 creep reaper guards. Destroy the hurt machine. The hurt machine is located in the Eastern portion of the zone, if you have a map, it's in the NE part of the zone, at the dead end. The namer is rather easy. Recover fibblebrap's core, from the hurt machine. Then turn in core to bellfast to complete the arc.

***NOTE: This mission is OPTIONAL, you do NOT need to do this mission to get your skull/resist clicky, but you will complete the arc, and a small group reward..

ARC: 2) Learn the fate of Elder Longshadow in Undershore - Shadowalker Dustspirit Arc (-686, +851, Stoneroot):

1. Freeing an Elder:
Deliver the note to Longshadow at the 2nd obolisk the one in the very back. He's at the very top of the building.After the note is delivered, the named will spawn outside the building at one of the fire camps. As you kill the namer, he will spawn 3 adds as his HP goes down, these are zombie/ghoul adds, that are immune to snare/root, and mez. After you kill them off, loot the key, and deliver it to longshadow to complete your mission.

2. Orb of Subversion:
The poisonmaster is located in front of the dredspire. clear the room he's at, and clear the 2 chamber rooms below him. As you kill the poisonmaster he will give some text about him teleporting away. Once he does he'll go to the room below where he was at, at 64%, run down and engage him asap. His Hp will not regen up while he ports. At nearly 50%, he will port down to the bottom chamber, run down and engage again. AS his HPs go down, he will set off traps, which includes Blind, and 3 AE, which are Ceticious Cloud, Arcane Venom spell, Rain of Poison, if it fails to kill your group, he will run outside to the living bridges, and run around trying to confuse and kill your group 1 by one, have your tank get on him asap, and burn him down. Loot the orb from his body, and return it to the NPC.

3. A Plea for Help:
Speak to Spiritualist Ryianna. Head to the snarlestone dens in the Undershore. Kill 20 Ragepaws. Turn in orb to Bloodeye. On the way to his lair, twords the west side of the map, to your north is Rage Biter, and to your south is Stonepaw, they are red con namers, and TOUGH, without a good tank, but you only need to fight 1 of them to get to Bloodeye's lair. After turn in, go back to stoneroot and hail Ryianna to complete mission.

4. Trailing Longshadow:
Enter the instance, and you will find Longshadow to the south, across the waterfall, DO NOT get too close, if you do she will notice you, and the event is and instant fail. Follow her when she starts moving, DO NOT fall too far behind if you loose her, you will suffer and instant fail. When she stops she will spawn drachnids that you will need to mezz and kill, when you kill the final drachnid she will move again, if you get any adds kill them first before killing the last drachnid. This will repeat several times, on the way you will need invis to bypass the normal mobs, and eventually invis vs undead to bypass some zombies. When you get to the end, you will be attacked by a drachnid informant, kill it to finish the event.

5. Confronting a Traitor:
Clear all 4 Rooms in the instance, and while you're clearing look for a chest in a room which constains the orb, and loot it. At the throne room, the NW most room, is Longshadow. Confront her and kill her. As you kill her she will port from room to room. She's very easy, and you will eventually kill her. When done return orb to Dustspirit to finish.

ARC: 3) Survive the Korlach Leviathan Below Stoneroot Falls - Widdlethorpe Arc (-66, -1202, Stoneroot):
***NOTE: Missions 1-4 are the ONLY ones needed to complete this ARC. Mission 5 is only needed to get the RAID version of Korlach, the Deep Leviathan, for DoD Progression

1. The Search for Coral:
Go to the 2nd witheran cave, there is a tunnel to the top-left cave twords the back of the cave to find your
destination. Kill the guards. Then kill the presits. When you engage the namer, as his HPs go down he will spawn 2 adds at a time, mez the namer, and kill the 2 adds then go back to killing the namer. Repeat as nessasary till dead. Loot the coral from the chest, and return it to the NPC.

2. Learning the Power:
Go to the basilisk at the other side of the zone, and you will find a young witheran on the surface to your left. Use the coral you received from widdlethorpe (must equip to use), it will charm the witheran. Fight back to the entrance of the zone, on your way you will encounter the 4 witheran protectors that you need. After killing all 4, exit the zone to finish (do not port out).

3. Discover the secret:
Collect 4 Basilisk Tongues, Collect 4 witheran guts, collect 4 witheran skins, return to Widdlethorpe to complete.

4. Taking control:
Head to the other end of the zone, past Korlach, the deep leviathan. You will see a drachnid with a leviathan in front of him. Clear the room. When engaging the drachnid, he will mend/heal himself to 85% at 80%-60%-40%-20% HPs, and then become stronger (hits harder), at some point, he will summon 1 basilisk add, which you can mez/root to keep him away from group. At 10% of it's health he will heal himself a final time to 50%, at which point he will not heal/mend anymore. So finish him off to complete the mission. If you don't leave in 2-3 min, you will be booted out, either way your mission will be completed.

5. Korlah, the Deep Leviathan:
Enter the lair, you can reach Korlach at the basilisk cave, invised all the way, mobs are not mezzable, and are red con. Engage Korlach, the deep leviathan. Bring Korlach under control. Basically though, beat him down until you see an emote that he is weakened to magical influences (about every 20%), then make sure everyone stops attacking him, spam the coral stone on him (kill the adds as they pop, usually 5-6 adds) and eventually the stone will land.

***NOTE: This mission CAN be done with group even with it's HARD difficulty, and has been. This mission can also be done with a raid which makes the event very EASY.

ARC: 4) Fulfill Jarzarrad's Prophecy in the Ruins of Illsalin - 70 spell Arc - Jazzarad the Prophet:
***NOTE: 70 Spell Arc Walkthrough PROVIDED BY CASTERSREALM (Gemdiver), and the submitters (

1. Preemptive Strike:
Zoning in you will need to find the treasure chest. It will either be in the pit or down to the right in the water.
Speaking of the warned, right in front of the zone in at the bottom of the ramp is pit with monsters in the bottom. You need to hug the walls to avoid it.

Find the living Shiliskin captives, door behind the Guardian of the Pit
If you have someone in your group who can evac, and the chest is in the pit, you can agro the pit monsters causing them to start running up the tunnel towards you. Have your evaccer drop into the pit and loot the key from the chest then evac...meanwhile people at the zone-in should zone out to clear agro from zombies. If the chest is down in the water you'll need to clear the way down there

The monsters here hit hard, you'll need a strong tank and good healing along with a slower and mezzer. Once you have the key you can kill the mini boss at the bottom guarding the door. He rampages and AE rampages and hits for over 2k. Open the door to find the Shiliskin captives.

Kill 10 captive Shiliskin captives

Kill the monsters inside this room and as you attack them they will despawn and respawn as Shades. Kill 10 of the shades to complete this step to finish.

2. Praetorian Guard:
The instance to this mission is found in Ruins of Illsalin. To get there, the best way is to lev and invis and then walk around the centre island. There will be a bridge spanning from the centre island to the zone wall, and on the zone wall is the instance zone in. I climbed up the wall of the centre island and was able to then float to the middle of the bridge. If you go the long way around there are some see invis NPC's.

Once in the mission you will need a puller to split these mobs. Pacify may work, but I did not try. The zone is
roughly circular, and if you go left or right you will end up in the same room. I recomend pulling in a counterclockwise fashion starting with the room on the right. If you pull from the other direction the MOB's will path counterclockwise and bring a large train.

The mission is relatively straightforward. The mobs do hit hard, about the level of riftseekers. The goal is to kill a number of Praetorian guard, loot thier skulls, and turn them into Jazzarad. My group cleared the top rooms of the zone, and we still needed one praetorian kill. There is a pit in the middle of the zone that leads to some underwater caverns. There were two praetorian down there, but about 5-6 mobs will have to be cleared to pull them.

Our monk was able to pull them up to the top and out of the water.

3. The Fall of Illsalin:
As soon as you hail Stillpool you will be teleported to the mission. This is a monster mission and so everyone will have to select a monster. Obviously you need a warrior, cleric and enchanter type. For damage class, a rogue is more preferable to a wizard. The rogue does an insane amount of damage. This may be broken at the moment, but if the rogue unequips thier weapons, they will do a lot more damage and hit very fast. The rogue was parsed at about 900 DPS.

Once in the mission, go to your AA abilities window to spend your monster points. I found the best way to do this was to only train abilities up until the point where they got too expensive. Once the abilities started to go over 8 or so points per rank, I switched to buy a different ability. The higher ranks did not seem to provide as much of a benefit. I only played a cleric, so I do not know about the other classes, but I recieved a greater benefit from having spell haste, mental clarity, improved healing, and mana preservation all worked up to an average level, instead of just having one ability maxed.

Another note is that if you are a caster and run out of mana, the best thing to do is to go and die. These monster templates have about 14k mana, and it regens slowly. If you die, you respawn with about 40% mana. There is no XP penalty for death that I have noticed so far.

After spending all ability points, the whole group needs to run from the zone in to the Emperor. This is a small zone, and he is just directly ahead. There will be no mobs at this point. When you are ready to begin, hail him and about 15 drachnids will spawn at the zone in and then move out into the room. Some will stay put, and some will wander. If the group moved to the Emperor, you will be safe. If you stayed at the zone in, you will all die.

In my group the warrior did the pulling. He just waited for the roaming mobs to path away, and he was able to get singles. The agro assist radius seems to be very low. Once you kill all the mobs, a second wave will spawn. Kill these in the same manner. A named spawns in this second wave. Before pulling him, move out to away from the Emperor to like the middle of the room. Kill him and any remaining spawns. The named drops some loot that is about

120hp/mana quality and no drop, and I did not see any other chests. Once all of the drachnids are dead, move back the emperor and you will be ported back to the undershore.

4.The Seeker:
Upon accepting the mission,the zone will give an emote that something foul is coming out of Illsalin.
IMMIEDETELY, outside the tent, a large gargoyle named "The Seeker" will spawn up the road and begin walking toward Jarzarrad's hut. Your group should engage him right away. He doesnt hit that hard.

During the fight he will spawn a couple adds that can be mezzed. When he hits 0% hit points, he will respawn as a Shattered Image of the Seeker which is slightly harder but still nothing to worry about for a well-prepared group. After you kill him, go back inside to Jarzarrad and hail him to complete the mission.

5.Into the Shadows:
This is the final mission in the Jazzard's story arc.Upon finishing this mission, you may hail Brother Hidden Path to receive your level 70 spell if you have completed the other 4 missions in the progression.
This mission takes place in the zone of Shadowspine. In the room at the start is a giant orb.

Clicking the orb will spawn 3 shades that need to be killed. Once the room is clear, there are bridges leading down either side to other rooms. Each room has an orb and some librarians. You can ignore the librarians as they will not agro. Each orb will spawn 1 named monster. One is a floating scythe and one is some floating swords.

Neither is too hard. When they are dead you can progress past either side to the final chamber. He's not too hard, has a couple random AEs that don't do much and a decent amount of hit points.Once he's dead, you can head up the stairs in the same room to the Fragment of Draygun at the top. Kill him and you will complete the mission. A couple minutes after he's dead you'll be automatically ported out of the zone.

ARC: 5) Rescue the Ecologist of Expedition 328 from the Hive - 69 spell Arc - Brovil Pallivineg:
***NOTE: 69 Spell Arc Walkthrough PROVIDED BY CASTERSREALM (Gemdiver), and the submitters (

1. The Lost Notebook:
BEFORE you get this mission you must either have completed another mission in the arc or turned in Cicero's Torn Notebook -- dropped by the spider by Xill in Stoneroot Falls.

The Lost Notebook is the first mission in the story arc to rescue Cicero, a gnome which has been captured by
drachnids and taken into the Hive. The mission takes about 45-90 minutes to complete depending on how lucky you get on drop rates.The zone-in for this mission is in Stoneroot Falls. It's your standard collect mission. Kill the monsters throughout the zone. On a semi-rare basis they will drop portions of a notebook. You need to collect all nine pieces to complete the mission.

If you're interested in the lore, each book does have some information about the expansion that you might enjoy. After completing all nine you can (optionally) combine the 9 pieces in the notebook container to keep the journal for yourself.

2. Cavern Botany:
Cavern Botany will take you a while depending on drop rates. You are ordered to go into an instance off of Corathus and collect 2 specimens of 5 different types of mushrooms. The zone is populated by sporali which drop these mushrooms.

Simply kill sporali until you collect all the mushrooms and head back to complete the mission. This will take you anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how fast you kill and how lucky you get on drops. At the end, a chest will spawn at the zone-in.

3. The Search for Clues:
This mission can take a while. You can skip some with invisible but be warned there are some pats that can see invis you'll need to avoid. After a while, when you've cleared some spiders and opened some cocoons you'll get an update for finding the clues you needed. This will spawn the boss, Wydrth the Watcher.

He spawns randomly in the event, usually best if you got a Wiz/Mage with Eye of tallon to scout for him, or a rogue, to speend things up. Go and start to kill him. At some point he will vanish and reappear in another room of the zone. Kill him to complete the mission.

4. Rescue Cicero!:
This is the final mission for the Cicero story arc. Upon completing it you can get your level 69 spell if you have completed all other missions in the arc. Get the spell by hailing Brother Hidden Path near JTP.

Finally, after all your trouble and searching, its time to go rescue that pesky gnome Cicero. Fortunately, this
mission is fairly quick. Clear your way up the hive. Don't be tempted to invis past them to save time as it will
cause problems later. Clear up to the hive which has 2 blue con spiders in it.

After killing these, opening the cocoon in there which will spawn a boss spider. Nothing special about him, hits a little harder, has a little more hit points, nothing major. Once he's dead, Cicero the gnome will appear and ask you to escort him out of the zone.

He will lead you back down to the bottom of the hive, stopping on the way to kill any spider he sees. He'll also randomly open cocoons on the way which will spawn spiders that you'll need to kill. When he reaches the zone-in at the bottom, he'll thank you and you'll complete the mission. Congratulations on completing this story arc!

6) To Complete: Combine all 5 clickies, and receive Ancient Werewolf Skull ( ( which evolves to The Skull of Den Lord Rakban ( ( The Mask is a clicky resist of 50 to all your resists.

**Edited to correct the CR/MR rewards as stated below**

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Thanks alot :)

Athunder Taima
01-20-2006, 09:21 PM
Finished mask quest tonight
one thing to watch out for on Leviathan 4 - taking control - is an annoying bug which can cause you to have to re-start the mission over.

The first step to find the dracnid will not update unless you get really close to his spawn point. However you can aggro and kill him without getting the update, as we found out. Doing this will not allow you to complete the next step and you'll have to start over again. So make sure you get that first update before pulling him.

oh and one other thing, the named dracnid did not spawn an add as described above on either attempt.

Madie of Wind Riders
01-22-2006, 08:02 AM
Great write up!! Thanks for all that info

01-23-2006, 08:07 AM
Thank you very much.
A very nice guide.

01-30-2006, 02:45 AM
Just completed the Elder Longshadow arc and the fortune teller gave me the Cold Resist fragment.

So the nice long write up is a little mixed up on the resist fragment reward.

Refer to my post at the top for what I believe is the accurate resist for each arc.

02-08-2006, 09:27 AM
I finsihed this - finally, last night.

I think we took a cleric on maybe two missions out of the 22 Required.
I main healed all other times. Ocassional Help from a Shaman (maybe 4 missions or so). Primary Backup Heals was the Paladin (who was tanking) and possiably a beastlord. (if we had one). Tank averaged 12.5-13.5 hp (upgrades as we went) and somewhere around 2100+ ac (again increasing as we went).

If you want to main heal these arcs as a druid, some suggestions:

1: Attack Debuff everything, makes your job 200 percent easier.
2: Reptile on Tanks may save lives. Convergance of Spirits may help alot also.

Prophet Series:
Mission 1: Black Shades at the end hit like Trucks, they suck. Guardian of th ePit is somewhat harsh too, both hit 1800ish.
Mission 2: Hardest Hitters that I recall here are the Red Con Zombines, hittin for upto 2k
Misson 4: Attack Debuffs make this alot easier considering how long the fight is
Mission 5: The Weapon Mobs, hit hard and suck.

69 Series:
Most of these are not that bad. Notable Mission was number 4, where the named at the top hits a decent amount harder then anything else.

Longshadow Series:
Pretty easy.

The boss of 2 Caught us off guard as he has a fairly high powered DoT AE, if you resist it however should make it trival at best.

Mission 3 had one red con mob which hit decently, but just one.

Mission 4 your group gets jumped several times, patching can be stressful your CC is not good at mezzing quickly. Boss hits decently at the end.

Bellfest Series:

In missions 1-3 nothing hits all that hard. 3 is somewhat difficult because of the 3 hour timer you get to complete it.

Mission 4 on the other hand, has very very fast respawn. I don't recall them hitting harder then anything in the 70 series (map is 70.2) but I can totally see how it would be easy to get bogged down with respawn.

Levi Series:

99 percent of this arc is underwater. If you are not comfortable healing underwater, I suggest a backup healer. Trash mobs tend to hit just over 1k (1007) attack debuffs make it so it is really not that bad. The main problem with these missions is the respawn (which is being removed next content patch).

The Hardest mob in any of the arc is the Named Spider in 4. It functions like the 68.3 boss where is is easily hitting over 2500 before it dies. We had a shaman on this mission with us and I am not sure I could have healed it solo. Attack Reduction helped a ton.

While sometimes very fusterating I enjoyed the quest.

Hopefully that helps some.


02-08-2006, 10:26 AM
2: Reptile on Tanks may save lives.Especially on Pallies... :)

Gratz me as well on my mask. Fenier did an awesome job healing all of these missions.

The attack debuffs on the final mob in the Gemfinder series made him signifigantly easier than people had initially had us to believe. Tho, he was still quite difficult.

Now to twiddle our thumbs until PoR comes out... =)

aka Sabby

Madie of Wind Riders
02-14-2006, 07:39 AM
Just completed the Elder Longshadow arc and the fortune teller gave me the Cold Resist fragment.

So the nice long write up is a little mixed up on the resist fragment reward.

Refer to my post at the top for what I believe is the accurate resist for each arc.

I am 99.9% sure that completion of the 69 Arc is Disease and 70 Arc is Poison - only because I just finally finished 70 2 days ago and got my Poison fragment. (Not that it really matters either way - hehehe)