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01-17-2006, 04:25 PM
Written by me for Harem of the Norrath, CT

Emoush is the (max 24) Raid component of DoN tier 2 progression.

The raid takes place in an instanced version of Tirranun's Delve.
Gathering takes place at the Dragons Head in Lavastorm

Determining who gets one of the 6 stones on Emoush's death might be best at this time. The times I've completed this raid we have always let those who are ONLY needing this to complete Tier 2 loot first making sure they know they will be expected to help in future raids.
This means those who have completed the 3 individual tasks and the 'Sickness' group mission get preference as they will get the AAs, AA ability AND their 69th spell or dicipline on turnin of the stone.

After determining who gets the stone the Raid leader will confirm group composition. Ideally there will be 4 tanks, 4 clerics, 2 slowers, puller, and dps.
Group 1 Tank, cleric, puller, slower, dps, dps
Group 2 Tank, cleric, dps, slower, dps, dps
Group 3 Tank, cleric, dps, dps, dps, dps
Group 4 Tank, cleric, dps, dps, dps, dps
*note: A good druid can keep a tank up for the goblin kills if a cleric is not available.
*note: Melee DPS (bezerker, rogue) is very nice for this encounter
*note: Pallys, Clerics and Necros are DPS for this encounter.
*note: Necro's can single pet pull this encounter if no other pulling class is available

After setting groups buff up and Raid leader will get the "Calling Emoush" task. Raid will invis (mage invis stones help with fixed duration invis) and move into the Broodlands and then into the instanced version of the "delve"

Clearing is easy. You will have singles or up to 4 mobs in camp depending on who you have pulling for you.
The puller clears a path from one end of the zone to the other where the raid will move in and to the back right corner AWAY from Emoush and his cronies.

Raid leader will assign targets to each group.
Group 1 Mystic Braggle
Group 2 Mystic Griknok
Group 3 Mystic Shiflor
Group 4 Tank will be Main Tank on Emoush.

After confirming Buffs and Group Tank Targets are all good Raid leader calls "GO" and the Group 1,2,3 tanks will pull their Target back to the raid.
The Goal here is to have ALL 3 Mystics at 10% and kill them ALL at the same time. Emoush is not targetable/damagable till all 3 Mystics are dead.
For this fight you must watch Dots and your personal DPS once the Mystics are below 20%, If you kill one of the Mystics too soon emoush will go active starting his AOE DD and possibly wipe the raid before you can even damage him. This Means at 10% ALL DPS MUST BE STOPPED AND THE MOB TANK MEZD (tank mezing means the mob is taunted by the tank but the tank is not doing any damage) Until the Raid leader calls "kill Mystics"
One person in Each group should in /rs be calling the % of health left on their target.
When all groups have their Mystic at 10% group 4 advances on Emoush and on the Call "Kill Mystics" all groups burn their Mystics down.
Death of the first Mystic starts the timer. The raid then on Tank 4's engage has 2 Minute 40 seconds to do as much damage to Emoush as possible. Undead spells do very well, Emoush is fire and magic resistant.
At 2 min 40 seconds the Raid leader calls groups 1,2,3 back to repick up their Mystics leaving Group 4 still doing DPS to Emoush.
On Mystic respawn the Tanks MUST pick up their targets fast and then again take them back to 10% killing them ALL at the same time on the Raid leaders call.
On the engage we burn Emoush to the ground.
There is no respawn and the loot (item) from Emoush can be awarded on a CAWU basis.

There is a 3 day lockout on successful Emoush completion for everyone in the raid. There is No lockout on failure.

**Confirmation on the 3 min respawn on the Mystics courtesy of Satubur CT server**

01-22-2006, 12:03 AM
Shards of Time has done the emoush encounter sooo many times that it is now Three groupable. Pretty much if you have good players all you need is one cleric, 4 druids, 4 tanks 2 shamans 1 chanty and the rest dps and u got it.

01-23-2006, 08:10 AM
The Strat I wrote is for a non elemental guild. They have the levels but fall short on gear and spells so numbers will be required.