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01-25-2006, 05:49 PM
Anyone willing to help identify what mobs drop the following?
I am preparing to create an html page that is gear specific, something like the calculator i made, and would like to get some raid-oriented gear identified.
I think I have the bulk of previous expansions set, looking for some DoD help. Trying to find who drops the following:

Ancient Wristband of Woven Moss (
Azure Robe of the Diplomat (
Azure Wristcuffs of the Diplomat (
Batskull Fetish (
Blackened Witheran Hide Bracer (
Chunk of Solidified Marrow (
Coffin Fragment (
Consecrated Ball of Silver (
Doomstone Band of Seeing (
Embroidered Drachnid Silk Sleeves (
Engraved Nargilor Wristguard (
Erilynne, the Master's Mistress (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Tunic (
Gaudy Demonhide Buckler (
Great Hammer of the Burrowing Beast (
Imbued Shoulderguards of the Leviathan (
Mail of the Vampire Hunter (
Mask of the Forsaken (
Moonstone Mind Scepter (
Oddtune, the Chaotic Minstrel (
Orb of Dark Water (
Overtone Earstone (
Petrified Bone Girdle (
Shining Longbow of the Leviathan (
Sunstone Wand (
Tattered Nargilor-Studded Belt (
Thorny Vine Shoulderpads (
Torn Deathshed Cloak (
Tribal Helm of the Drone (
Twinfang, the Immortal's Bane (
Twisted Bracer of Control (
Umbral Plate Faceguard (
Vermiculated Drape (
Witheran Scale Mask (

I believe I have the following identified correctly, but would appreciate a heads up if something is wrong:

Bracer of Blinding Rage (
Gem of Feral Shielding (
Stone of Focused Rage (
Wristband of Seething Rage (

Basilisk Hide Grips (
Darter Stone (
Dreadful Chain Arms of Corruption (
Hallowed Bloodclaw of Shadows (
Jade Water Beach Sandals (
Reinforced Helmet of Cold Shadows (
Tainted Undershore Rock (
Thick Basilisk Hide Shield (

Strangely, both council and draygun seem to drop Shiliskin Water Heater? Seen this listed as such in a couple places
Deadtide Plate Arms (
Illsalin Battle Gloves (
Loathsome Cap of Dead Waters (
Pristine Witheran Hide Drum (
Repugnant Undead Shiliskin Mask (
Shiliskin Water Heater (
Solidified Shadow Spine Magical Taint (
Undead Shiliskin Hide Boots (

Buckler of Unliving (
Chain Helm of Insanity (
Dark Nargilor Shard of Divination (
Lance of the Fallen Shiliskin (
Leather Sleeves of the Cursed Lich (
Nargilor-Encrusted Ring (
Nargilor-Imbued Silk Mitts (
Plate Boots of the Lich King (
Shard of Nargilor Magic (
Shiliskin Water Heater (

Earring of Frozen Poison (
Elaborate Drachnid-Forged Bands (
Emblem of the Hive (
Embossed Chitin-Plated Gauntlets (
Envenomed Ritualistic Dagger (
Petrified Drachnid Egg (
Polished Chitin War Horn (
Royal Jewel of Protection (

Crystallized Teardrop of Vule (
Forged Silver Fang (
Supple Felt Wristwraps (
Vule's Wristcuff (

Ancient Cudgel of Slaughter (
Amice of the Tranquil (
Armguards of the Vampire Hunter (
Azure Sleeves of the Diplomat (
Band of Shattered Stone (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Sleeves (
Leering Coldstone Mask (
Runic Bloodstained Maul (
Pulsating Runed Pebble (
Vambraces of the Fallen Saint (
Woven Shadow Stone (

I have a feeling that Hatchet and Sisters do not both drop Insidious Hooded Cloak, anyone know which is right?
Anthemion Wardstaff (
Azure Slippers of the Diplomat (
Boots of the Fallen Saint (
Boots of the Vampire Hunter (
Eulogy, the Bloodthirsty Blade (
Flautist's Sorrow (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Boots (
Hatchet's Rusted Brass Locket (
Insidious Hooded Cloak (
Piercing Ring of the Torturer (
Rune-Etched Vampire Fang (
Swiftcleave, the Flesh Carver (

Althea's Cinching Cord (
Azure Gloves of the Diplomat (
Carmine Loop of Loathing (
Crown of the Vampire Hunter (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Gloves (
Gauntlets of the Fallen Saint (
Gold-Plated Lyre of the Suitor (
Mitts of the Vampire Hunter (
Insidious Hooded Cloak (
Sister's Opulent Backstabber (
Sister's Tear-Stained Shawl (
Soulseeker, Death's Sigh (

Similarly, I don't think Sisters and Redfang both drop Crown of the Vampire Hunter.
Azure Cowl of the Diplomat (
Chiseled Skullbone Ring (
Crown of the Vampire Hunter (
Cryptwood Tonfa (
Indicolite Twin-Buckled Girdle (
Echo Trinket (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Skullcap (
Helm of the Fallen Saint (
Valorium Belt of Devotion (
Vermilion Batfur Cape (
Vermilion Batfur Sash (

Apothic Ring of Evil Elements (
Alluring Amethyst Amulet (
Azure Breeches of the Diplomat (
Blighted Teardrop Necklace (
Blood Drinker's Fang (
Eye of the Lycanthrope (
Lilac, Cruel Manipulator (
Persuasive Glimmering Serpent (
Rotting Talons (
Tris' Embroidered Felt Cloak (

Bulwark of Bravery (
Greaves of the Vampire Hunter (
Hoop of the Dark Hunter (
Shadow Rage Spaulders (
Shadowmane-Hide Cloak (
Vule's Frozen Heart (

Band of Broken Vows (
Daybreak, Bringer of Light (
Choker of Unspoken Lies (
Cuirass of the Fallen Saint (
Greaves of the Fallen Saint (
Narcissist's Ballroom Mask (
Resplendent Leather Aegis (
Rod of the Ruined (
Steam-Powered Cogblaster (
Tear of Deepest Regrets (

Forgotten Artist's Mesh Pantaloons (
Goresteel Spaulders (
Obsidian Cummerbund (

Ali-Ani, the Eyes of Mayong (
Dometrius, the Master's Burden (
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Wristwraps (
Glimmerice, Tserrina's Forgotten Ardor (
Mayong's Sanguine Cloak (
Vermilion Orb of Clairvoyance (
Wristguards of the Vampire Hunter (
Wristplates of the Fallen Saint (

Thanks for any help. When I get the page done I'll post a link.

01-25-2006, 08:46 PM

Should answer most

01-26-2006, 12:03 AM
btw, a lot of those items drop from a mob you didn't list that has nothing to do with DP access - Korlach, the Levithan.

Madie of Wind Riders
01-26-2006, 06:08 AM
Nice work Aelfin!

Oh my gosh! that Raging Fury link is the absolute easiest and most comprehensive list of loot drops I have ever seen!!

01-26-2006, 06:42 PM
so, first shot, not too cleaned up:

this page is near 1mb, be warned if you have a slow connection

01-27-2006, 07:12 AM
Awsome i have to bookmark this at home :)

01-27-2006, 06:02 PM
thanks. glad it's useful. updated it a bit today. took out the buttons. can just click options in boxes now. loot is also multi-select now.

fun for wishlists. select your class. select the slot. select expansion/zone/mob/loot. see list of applicable gear.

still big, tho. may get around to dynamically build loot info from raw data instead of pre-building the html strings. should shrink it considerably. someday.

it is still very tilted toward druid use. i don't know class specific gear like for PoP or OoW tier quests and such so haven't linked them to mobs.

Madie of Wind Riders
01-28-2006, 09:59 PM
Can we sticky this please?

01-31-2006, 04:56 PM
reworked the size, now 1/3rd what it used to be. still a little heavy at 300k.

will be looking at getting it to filter by foci, next.

Jaradis Stormcaller
02-07-2006, 04:11 PM
Mask of the Forsaken is from Performer. Still can't find out where Consecrated Ball of Silver is from though.

02-09-2006, 10:48 AM

Azure Robe of the Diplomat ( Tris Wallows III
Azure Wristcuffs of the Diplomat ( Mayong Mistmoore
Batskull Fetish ( Devlin Rochester

Coffin Fragment ( Devlin Rochester
Consecrated Ball of Silver (
Doomstone Band of Seeing ( Mayong Mistmoore

Erilynne, the Master's Mistress ( Mayong Mistmoore
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Tunic ( The Performer
Gaudy Demonhide Buckler ( Mayong Mistmoore
Great Hammer of the Burrowing Beast (
Imbued Shoulderguards of the Leviathan (
Mail of the Vampire Hunter ( Devlin Rochester

Moonstone Mind Scepter ( Mayong Mistmoore
Oddtune, the Chaotic Minstrel ( The Performer

Overtone Earstone ( The Performer
Petrified Bone Girdle ( The Performer
Shining Longbow of the Leviathan (
Sunstone Wand ( The Performer
Tattered Nargilor-Studded Belt (
Thorny Vine Shoulderpads ( Devlin Rochester

Tribal Helm of the Drone ( Sendaii the Hive Queen
Twinfang, the Immortal's Bane ( Mayong Mistmoore

Umbral Plate Faceguard ( Roley Defarge
Vermiculated Drape ( The Performer


02-10-2006, 03:19 AM
The utter crap of Consecrated Ball of Silver ( drops from Devlin. We've had 2 drop so far.. one rotted, other went for min dkp. Just way too many restrictions.

02-13-2006, 07:01 AM
Imbued Shoulderguards of the Leviathan = Korlach
Tattered Nargilor Studded Belt = Korlach

02-14-2006, 03:23 PM
Awesome work on the loot table.

A few suggestions if your looking to add to it...

-put a box next to the coloum titles (ie mob) that'll automatically check all. Currently you can shift + arrow to high light them, but thats not really user friendly.

-Have a filter to what way to order the loot box by (ie hp or mana)

With those impleications, it'ld be easy to do something like find what the highest hp items from demiplane for you are etc.

02-16-2006, 01:17 PM
ok. added "select all" button below each list.
sort is something i will look into, but harder than you might think due to the way i am linking data across arrays.
just not a lot of time to work on it lately.

02-16-2006, 01:45 PM
ummm, where is korlach raid? is that Lair of the Korlach off of stoneroot falls?

02-16-2006, 02:52 PM
mask of the forsaken drops from the preformer, btw

02-16-2006, 03:34 PM
yeah, just threw up an update with some updated loot links. all class CoA, epics, and mask of hidden (DoN) quest should be in there. added the mask and ball of silver, too

02-23-2006, 01:47 AM
Couldn't tell you Aelf, I haven't played everquest in years, I just looked on allakhazam :-p

02-23-2006, 11:08 AM
ummm, where is korlach raid? is that Lair of the Korlach off of stoneroot falls?

04-12-2006, 01:30 AM
krikey, fell behind a bit. appreciate any help on the following list. the list is generated to build a lucy link. if the lucy link has an alla link and that in turn tells me what mobs drops it, i will pick it up eventually. i just haven't sifted them out yet. i'm mostly looking for help for the gear that is unknown.

<a href="">Ancient Coldain Frosted Axe</a> (hp/mana: 415/395)
<a href="">Wristwraps of Burning Rage</a> (hp/mana: 365/365)
<a href="">Ethereal Guard of the Scrykin</a> (hp/mana: 360/360)
<a href="">Charred Pendant</a> (hp/mana: 345/365)
<a href="">Earring of the Blood Warden</a> (hp/mana: 360/350)
<a href="">Cape of Cremation</a> (hp/mana: 350/360)
<a href="">Dagger of Blazing Fires</a> (hp/mana: 355/355)
<a href="">Malformed Veil of the Firstborn</a> (hp/mana: 345/365)
<a href="">Glowing Crystalweave Shawl</a> (hp/mana: 350/360)
<a href="">Ragestone Adorned Amulet</a> (hp/mana: 355/355)
<a href="">Ragestone Adorned Ring</a> (hp/mana: 355/335)
<a href="">Ragestone Adorned Earhoop</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Embroidered Silverweave Cord of Conflict</a> (hp/mana: 335/355)
<a href="">Earring of Preserved Restraint</a> (hp/mana: 345/345)
<a href="">Fabled Ring of Destruction</a> (hp/mana: 345/345)
<a href="">Mask of the Second Born</a> (hp/mana: 335/355)
<a href="">Mantle of Ro's Revenge</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Trinket of Ro's Folly</a> (hp/mana: 345/345)
<a href="">Gleaming Pageant Spaulders</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Tan`lor's Earring</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Spaulders of Tainted Beauty</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Thoughtless Bauble</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Boots of Stolen Peace</a> (hp/mana: 345/345)
<a href="">Harith's Ornament</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Cassindra's Ring</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Wand of Fury</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Hoop of Madness</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Valik's Cape of Flight</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Wand of Vicious Cruelty</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Vasella's Bloodstained Bracelet</a> (hp/mana: 345/345)
<a href="">Vasella's Shadowy Cape</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Vasella's Shield of Darkness</a> (hp/mana: 340/350)
<a href="">Porthio's Ring of Shadows</a> (hp/mana: 330/330)
<a href="">Call of Clan Vorzek</a> (hp/mana: 325/330)
<a href="">Cord of Nine Lives</a> (hp/mana: 315/315)
<a href="">Fabled Boots of the Dead Dream</a> (hp/mana: 310/310)
<a href="">Dragontamer Sleeves</a> (hp/mana: 315/305)
<a href="">Hood of the Relic Born</a> (hp/mana: 320/300)
<a href="">Pendant of Eternal Conflict</a> (hp/mana: 300/320)
<a href="">Sash of Divine Retribution</a> (hp/mana: 300/320)
<a href="">Sash of Seven Scales</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Stretched Dragonback Bracer</a> (hp/mana: 310/300)
<a href="">Dragonskull of Relic</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Truthward, Guardian of Light</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Wall of Terror</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Guktan Pastwatch Eye</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Firestorm Cape</a> (hp/mana: 305/305)
<a href="">Cord of Deathstay</a> (hp/mana: 300/300)
<a href="">Fabled Cloak of Thorns</a> (hp/mana: 300/300)
<a href="">Fabled Belt of the Destroyer</a> (hp/mana: 300/300)
<a href="">Fabled Earring of the Icecaster</a> (hp/mana: 300/300)
<a href="">Fabled Shawl of Perception</a> (hp/mana: 290/290)
<a href="">Fabled Sontalak's Talisman</a> (hp/mana: 290/290)
<a href="">Cord of Seven Lives</a> (hp/mana: 290/290)
<a href="">Assistant Researcher's Symbol</a> (hp/mana: 285/285)
<a href="">Prayer Shawl of the Forsaken</a> (hp/mana: 280/290)
<a href="">Sash of Focused Ire</a> (hp/mana: 285/285)
<a href="">Ancient Fire-Touched Trinket</a> (hp/mana: 275/295)
<a href="">Fabled Silver Girdle of Stability</a> (hp/mana: 280/280)
<a href="">Fabled Shovel of the Harvest</a> (hp/mana: 280/280)
<a href="">Cord of Regrowth</a> (hp/mana: 280/280)
<a href="">Cord of the Reborn</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Cord of Renewal</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Witheran Scale Mask</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Torn Deathshed Cloak</a> (hp/mana: 270/280)
<a href="">Blackened Witheran Hide Bracer</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Orb of Dark Water</a> (hp/mana: 270/280)
<a href="">Desiccated Tongue of the Clouded Dragon</a> (hp/mana: 265/285)
<a href="">Fused Scales of the Clouded Dragon</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Fractured Talon of the Clouded Dragon</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Fragmented Horn of the Clouded Dragon</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">War Prophet Tunic</a> (hp/mana: 285/265)
<a href="">War Prophet Greaves</a> (hp/mana: 280/270)
<a href="">Dark Slayer's Amice</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Amulet of Truth</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Fabled Silver Bracelet of Speed</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Fabled Girdle of Living Thorns</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Pendant of the Elder Scrykin</a> (hp/mana: 265/285)
<a href="">Eye of Nine Worlds</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Zomm's Wand</a> (hp/mana: 270/280)
<a href="">Fabled Cowl of Mortality</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Mask of Strongbow's Peace</a> (hp/mana: 270/280)
<a href="">Cirwea's Band of Allure</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Strongbow's Totem of Deception</a> (hp/mana: 265/285)
<a href="">Mask of the Nodgha</a> (hp/mana: 265/285)
<a href="">Mantle of the Nodgha</a> (hp/mana: 275/275)
<a href="">Fabled Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak</a> (hp/mana: 270/270)
<a href="">Fabled Ancient Prismatic Brawl Stick</a> (hp/mana: 270/270)
<a href="">Fabled Mask of the Dragon Slayer</a> (hp/mana: 270/270)
<a href="">Fabled Klandicar's Talisman</a> (hp/mana: 270/270)
<a href="">Warped Emerald Ring of Insanity</a> (hp/mana: 260/260)
<a href="">Wolf Hide Gloves of the Corrupt</a> (hp/mana: 265/255)
<a href="">Engraved Earring of Endless Rage</a> (hp/mana: 260/260)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Tunic</a> (hp/mana: 235/275)
<a href="">Ancient Coldain Holy Mace</a> (hp/mana: 250/250)
<a href="">The Skull of Den Lord Rakban</a> (hp/mana: 250/250)
<a href="">Cloak of the Spirit Hunter</a> (hp/mana: 250/250)
<a href="">Staff of the Tenth World</a> (hp/mana: 250/250)
<a href="">Redblood Ruby</a> (hp/mana: 235/250)
<a href="">Verok's Insignia of Havoc</a> (hp/mana: 245/235)
<a href="">Verok's Bauble of Aberration</a> (hp/mana: 235/245)
<a href="">Verok's Sprig of Condolence</a> (hp/mana: 235/245)
<a href="">Lodestar</a> (hp/mana: 240/240)
<a href="">Irestone of Sharp Sight</a> (hp/mana: 235/235)
<a href="">Fabled Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn</a> (hp/mana: 235/235)
<a href="">Toebone Necklace</a> (hp/mana: 245/225)
<a href="">Gaelin's Tunic of Woodlands</a> (hp/mana: 250/215)
<a href="">Fabled Rod of the Healers</a> (hp/mana: 230/230)
<a href="">Grimsoul Leggings</a> (hp/mana: 235/225)
<a href="">Spiked Sporali Weedbelt</a> (hp/mana: 230/230)
<a href="">Murky Pearl Ring</a> (hp/mana: 230/230)
<a href="">Pearl Hoop</a> (hp/mana: 230/230)
<a href="">Fabled Cloak of Crystalline Waters</a> (hp/mana: 230/230)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Leggings</a> (hp/mana: 210/245)
<a href="">Bauble of the Forlorn</a> (hp/mana: 220/235)
<a href="">Loop of the Lizard Slayer</a> (hp/mana: 225/225)
<a href="">Fabled Signet of the Shrine</a> (hp/mana: 225/225)
<a href="">Burning Tree Leaf</a> (hp/mana: 225/225)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Cap</a> (hp/mana: 215/235)
<a href="">Lepracon's Pot of Gold</a> (hp/mana: 225/225)
<a href="">Mask of the Corrupted Priest</a> (hp/mana: 225/220)
<a href="">Scrykin Caster's Blade</a> (hp/mana: 210/235)
<a href="">Vial of the Escaped Genie</a> (hp/mana: 220/225)
<a href="">Gem-Inlaid Ritual Cloak</a> (hp/mana: 215/230)
<a href="">Serpent's Girdle</a> (hp/mana: 215/230)
<a href="">Band of Dark Auras</a> (hp/mana: 210/235)
<a href="">Legionnaire Deep Diver Tunic</a> (hp/mana: 225/215)
<a href="">Staff of the Ninth World</a> (hp/mana: 225/215)
<a href="">Chaos-Imbued Leather Sleeves</a> (hp/mana: 225/215)
<a href="">Herb-Wrapped Silk Sash</a> (hp/mana: 210/230)
<a href="">Korgoron, the Shattered Blade of Illsalin</a> (hp/mana: 230/210)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Gloves</a> (hp/mana: 210/230)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Boots</a> (hp/mana: 210/230)
<a href="">Shawl of the Void</a> (hp/mana: 205/230)
<a href="">Flowing Stone of Discord</a> (hp/mana: 195/235)
<a href="">Bloodied Ritual Trinket</a> (hp/mana: 230/200)
<a href="">Everliving Bramble Arms</a> (hp/mana: 205/225)
<a href="">Pearl of Wicked Thoughts</a> (hp/mana: 205/225)
<a href="">Staff of Eternal Flames</a> (hp/mana: 200/225)
<a href="">Gaelin's Leggings of Woodlands</a> (hp/mana: 230/195)
<a href="">Tharkis' Platinum Stud</a> (hp/mana: 175/225)

04-12-2006, 04:02 AM
Ancient Coldain Frosted Axe ( (hp/mana: 415/395) Dain MM (MM only item)

04-15-2006, 06:31 PM
Wristwraps of Burning Rage ( (hp/mana: 365/365)- snowtail
Ethereal Guard of the Scrykin ( (hp/mana: 360/360) - daosheen
Charred Pendant ( (hp/mana: 345/365) - suchon
Earring of the Blood Warden ( (hp/mana: 360/350) -suchon
Cape of Cremation ( (hp/mana: 350/360) - suchon
Dagger of Blazing Fires ( (hp/mana: 355/355) -suchon?
Malformed Veil of the Firstborn ( (hp/mana: 345/365) - daosheen
Glowing Crystalweave Shawl ( (hp/mana: 350/360) - daosheen
Ragestone Adorned Amulet ( (hp/mana: 355/355) - ghost/snowtail
Ragestone Adorned Ring ( (hp/mana: 355/335) - ghost
Ragestone Adorned Earhoop ( (hp/mana: 340/350) - snowtail
Embroidered Silverweave Cord of Conflict ( (hp/mana: 335/355) - bone dropper in Rage
Earring of Preserved Restraint ( (hp/mana: 345/345) -- bone dropper in Rage
Fabled Ring of Destruction ( (hp/mana: 345/345) - fabled aow
Mask of the Second Born ( (hp/mana: 335/355) - porthio
Mantle of Ro's Revenge ( (hp/mana: 340/350) - corruption of ro raid
Trinket of Ro's Folly ( (hp/mana: 345/345) - corruption of ro raid
Gleaming Pageant Spaulders ( (hp/mana: 340/350) maestro
Tan`lor's Earring ( (hp/mana: 340/350) maestro
Spaulders of Tainted Beauty ( (hp/mana: 340/350) anastasia?
Thoughtless Bauble ( (hp/mana: 340/350) anastasia?
Boots of Stolen Peace ( (hp/mana: 345/345) gnarlibramble
Harith's Ornament ( (hp/mana: 340/350) gnarlibramble
Cassindra's Ring ( (hp/mana: 340/350) gnarlibramble
Wand of Fury ( (hp/mana: 340/350) mad-mary
Hoop of Madness ( (hp/mana: 340/350) mad-mary
Valik's Cape of Flight ( (hp/mana: 340/350) valik
Wand of Vicious Cruelty ( (hp/mana: 340/350) valik
Vasella's Bloodstained Bracelet ( (hp/mana: 345/345) vasella
Vasella's Shadowy Cape ( (hp/mana: 340/350) vasella
Vasella's Shield of Darkness ( (hp/mana: 340/350) vasella
Porthio's Ring of Shadows ( (hp/mana: 330/330) porthio