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02-22-2006, 07:02 AM
hey who all out there has an uber UI? im tired of this old crap. i need something that shows what i need and not what i dont. spells, group, hotkeys all grouped close for fast healing, ect. any ideas? thanks in advance

02-22-2006, 11:32 AM
I used SoranUI, it can be found on Good UI for healers.

02-22-2006, 05:13 PM
i use Aya UI. It's somewhat overwhelming at start but you can get used to it after.

02-24-2006, 07:38 AM
I just started using Infiniti Blue (found on EQ Interface). It's a nice, clean UI and I like it a lot.


02-24-2006, 01:33 PM
I like most of the default UI, but I use a custom buff/song and player window. Having buffs in a numbered vertical column is great, wouldn't know what to do without it.

02-26-2006, 03:37 PM
I use Solaria 2.1 ... very nice UI imo. A very slimlined and clean UI without all the crazyness like some.

02-26-2006, 03:47 PM
O yeah...

If you like the old default UI (which is no longer being supported by Sony) but want the new bank slots adn aura window. Here is a link to the UI:
You have to register with the site to download it.
There is a good FAQ on the site for extracting if you dont know how to do it.
I ve switched to this and can confirm that bank slots and aura window work well.

For fans of the old default UI but with the new stuff.

Menien Mayhem
02-27-2006, 03:37 PM

Delta Purple (Regular Version) compliation uploaded by my fiance.
We use the (FS Version) with our guild target ring.

She also made a "Clean and Clear" UI Mod based upon the new default.

03-06-2006, 03:23 PM
I also use the Soran UI. It is a good one for healers, fell in love with it after about a week or so.

Menien Mayhem
03-08-2006, 03:05 PM
Aye, Kamdaru and Dayuna. Soran UI is real nice and popular. Created and maintained by one of my long-standing cleric guildmates.