View Full Forums : Feb 23, 2006 Patch Message

02-23-2006, 04:03 PM
- The Guild Hall is still not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.
- Fixed another stability issue
- The Key to the Past and The Burning Prince should now hand out an appropriate reward.
- Exiting LDoN zones in North and South Ro should no longer leave you quite so close to the zone in locations.
- Changed the starting location for some Paladins in Freeport West to be closer to a Guild Master.
- Corrected several issues with LDoN NPCs in the Revamped Freeport and Desert of Ro zones.
- Made the new throwing potions stack to 100 as the old ones did.
- Fearchar in shadowhaven has decided not to stand on his brother and has moved over a few feet.
- The pottery task now makes the combine check on the more difficult of the pottery wheel combine or the kiln combine. You will still need to compete the item (fire it) to hand into the judge. This is to enforce it being a test of the potter’s skill, not the potter’s friend’s skill.
- Some of the PoR items were missing their lore flags and have had them added.
- Corrected a problem that was making the guild lobby look foggy and larger than normal.
- Porthio the Second Born will offer a more challenging fight.
- You will no longer trigger your own trap if set while on a mount.

-- The EverQuest Team