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First stop in our tour of POR is going to be Freeport, West and sneak on up into the Tower of Arcane Science (If your kos don't worry, at the end of the guide will be a few quests to get your faction up quickly). Into the tower you go, take the first teleporter pad, then follow the outside edge of the tower all the way to the top till you see a hideous looking Emissary of Magic, Hail him and recieve a "Shard of Mana" then proceed into the large teleport pad to "ARCSTONE".

[ ] Recieve "Shard of Mana" for arcstone access

Arcstone is home to several mission sets as well as individual tasks that result in a variety of 200/200 gear and equipment as well as the hub that leads to "Relic". The two most important locations in this zone besides where you just zoned in are Ao the fourth born (Vahlar assures me the references to children of the gods and forgotten realms is unintentional) and the Skylance Bridge entrance in the southeast of the zone (this will be your entrance for several missions and the best way to get there is to follow the southern route invis, the northern route is littered with see invis/undead).

[ ]Speak with AO the Fourthborn

This step will begin you on the road to access "Theatre of Blood" by doing the SKYLANCE arc of missions:

[ ] Skylance 1: The Library
[ ] Skylance 2: The Obuliette
[ ] Skylance 3: The Laboratory

After completing the Labratory you recieve a Tarnished Chime, hang on to this, its the beginning of your key. Return to AO with this chime, talk to him he will know that you possess it and want to enchant it for you. He will then send you to see Arch Mage Galsin (who is at the port in for Arcstone)

[ ] Turn Tarnished Chime into Ao the Fourth Born and receive Harmonic Chime
[ ] Turn Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin and recieve Silent Harmonic Chime

Now its time for some more missions! And you have two options here you may either do the sickeningly hard quest for your 70 spell called Saga of Skins (which begins in Devestation) or do the almost as nauseating Raid Task Become the Vessel, both of which give you access to "Razorthorn" where you eventually will meet with our favorite orc Sullon Zek (shes mighty hot btw for an orc." To access Devestation and the next arc of missions take a jump off Arcstone (make sure you have levitate) and fall into "Freeport West." Do you see the Arena area in the north end of the map? Invis up and head that way, into the first tunnel, take a quick right, then the first left and look around and you will see a Statue in the underground area, this is the Access to Devestation.

[ ] Enter Devestation

Speak with Oathmir the Exiled, its ok he won't smack you. Decide whether you want to do and give him your chime!

[ ] Hand Oathmir Silent Harmonic Chime and recieve Twisted Chime
[ ] Rage 1: Saga Skins (this is one of two ways to access the 70 spell)
[ ] Rage 2: Become the Vessel

Once your done here and have access to Razorthorn as well as your spell don't forget about that chime! Head back to arcstone and our friend Arch Mage Galsin. (Yes its the same chime back, but different ID number)
[ ] Turn Twisted Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and receive Twisted Chime
And now were off to somewhere new, are you ready? Take your local LDON Magus to "North Ro" and start tracking down your newest buddy Tak'Valnakor (hes one of those Takish Elves and hes hiding out in a tent in the center of the zone on your map), He has two missions for you. Note: The first mission may is not repeatable by the same person getting quest, so you can only go back if someone else leads the mission.

[ ] Ro 1: The Key to the Past
[ ] Ro 2: Burning Princes

Now that you have completed these fairly easy collection missions its time to meet the Queen of Takish, Queen Tak'Yaliz in North Ro, she wanders a bit, but has a tower in the southeast corner of the zone. Speak with her for the last mission:

[ ] Ro 3: Message from the Past (Receive 70 aura Spell/Trap)

Once your done with this guess what, your almost done! At least with getting your AA + Key to Theatre of Blood, all you need do now is speak with our Queen, hand her your chime then rush back to arcstone to visit our Arch Mage Galsin!

[ ] Turn Twisted Chime into Queen Tak'Yaliz and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime
[ ] Turn Twisted Harmonic Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime (diff ID) and AA Harmonic

Dissonance (located at bottom of General Tab)Now that you have the basics down, there are other mission arcs notably in Elddar (located in Takish, which is a portal from North Ro) where you may attain your 55 mission arc as well as many many quests for single and solo groups that result in those yummy 200 hp items. If you would like to get an idea, you may look at our extensive Bestiary which lists the drops for every zone minus Razorthorn and Deathknell (can't spoil everything)

BTW your going to want to bookmark that, especially when you start hunting in Theatre of Blood. Heres a quick rundown of who drops what though:

Banshees : Bard Armour
Archimage/Elementalist : Magician Armour
Firestarter/Spellslinger : Wizard Armour
Dervish : Berserker (poor poor zerkers all their mobs are underwater)
Plants : Druids (Thanks Ormus for picking the item names)
Willows/Trees : Rangers
Husks : Warriors
Watchers/Sentinels : Rogues
Enticer/Coercer : Enchanters (These ones for the win!)
Nightmares : Shadowknights
Bats : Monks
Feralist : Beastlords
SpiritSeekers/Spiritualists : Shamans
Deathcaster/dealer : Necromancer

Broodlings drop something as well, but If your not listed above your class isn't that important to me :)

Trash mobs drop all visible armour pieces except BP/Legs which drop off rare named models (which were hiding from you at the moment), they are turned for 4 groups of qvic+ people, but you can bring as many as you like. There are also Arcs here you may get from the pretty Fairy girl as well as named who give the access quest to the final zone Deathknell.Make sure to bookmark this page as we will be adding updates when the other 70 spell quest is fixed as well as when the alternate 70 spell quest goes live (will involve heading to rage, speaking with a NPC and killing and collecting body parts)

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Splink wrote:

] Hand Oathmir Silent Harmonic Chime and recieve Twisted Chime
[ ] Rage 1: Saga Skins (this is one of two ways to access the 70 spell)
[ ] Rage 2: Become the Vessel

ok, if i'm not mistaken here there is a rage 3: The corruption in which it is a collect blood in sverag

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ok, if i'm not mistaken here there is a rage 3: The corruption in which it is a collect blood in sverag

you are indeed correct.

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You have to finish the first 2 missions to be able to get the enraged flesh charm (, which allows you to get the 3rd missions "samples" and zone into Razorthorn. I think just one person in the group needs the charm to actually get the mission.

You can get ToB access with just the credit from "samples" and the other 2 arcs, you just need to make friends with someone that has the charm.

My understanding is that with the next patch "becoming the vessel" will be changed to a group task, as of now its a single person raid task, you can add up to 53 more people. The task would be a monster for just 6 people to do, my suggestion is to make a raid out of it while you still can.

After getting Stumps barkspur yesterday i /ooc'd in Devestation and working with a few different guilds was able to get the mission finished--54 people flagged for Razorthorn, hehe...was a blast!