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03-08-2006, 01:47 PM
Ok I have been away a very long time. Over a year and this game has changed alot. I am looking for good spots to solo either for AA or Norm XP. Im also curious what AA's can assist in my quicker leveling. Thanks in advance. I know Fire is a great place but never been and dont beleive im flagged and no clue on the Strat and same goes for HoH as well. I also heard murks in NC are good for xp and have did a few not to hard just root/rot. When I feel froggy I go Charm a POS Frog and drag it over and beat up some giants great XP

03-08-2006, 05:21 PM
At 67, HoH is the easiest, fast-XP spot I know of. Head to the basements or other buildings with human guards, and kill em all, except the Sentries, who can't be rooted or snared. All human models in HoH are level 62, so they all give bonus XP to a level 67. NC is slow XP compared to this.

Still looking for a new spot for level 68.


NOTE: Sentries can be soloed if you have some room, but they take much longer, so XP slows way down.

03-08-2006, 05:58 PM
Madex -

If you're not nuking in FIRE, IMO wait on the nuke crit AA's. Instead work on the Critical Affliction line. That AA adds a chance for a DOT to crit (double dmg for that DOT spell on that tick only). This increases your DPS and eventually allows you to kill quicker.

Also, see my posts in link below for info on Focus effects to save on mana and increase damage output.

Exp suggestions:

Charming the Lorok frogs in PoS was good up till 65 I believe (Loroks are lvl 60?).

At lvl 62, you can group in BOT or try soloing in HOH (Halls of Honor). In HOH you can snare, root, dot the guardians in the open area to your left when you zone in. Use harmony for single pulls, easy stuff. Although w/out the 63 Swarming death spell, it took me I think 5-6 rounds of DOTS to kill these 20k HP mobs and mana was at a premium.

Better yet, if you don't mind spending 9 AA - get Dire Charm AA. Some say DC is a waste b/c there are very few other DC mobs after PoP (In Dranik Scar there are a few rats and bats to use for Loyalist faction). If you do decide to "invest" in the DC AA, it can be very useful in HOH.

You can DC a young wrylon in HOH (just through hallway when you zone in). Then you can snare a guardian and chain cast Flame Lick for agro while you send in the DC Wyrlon. That little puppy is like a free dot that lasts the entire fight (hits max 146 i think? and no - can't use summoned Mage gear for some reason). Anyways... I worked hard to save up for DC and when I got that, mana issues from root / dotting became less of an issue. I casted clickies (Drones arms and Epic 1.0) and tossed on Winged Death (lvl 53 dot) and when I got it, Swarming Death (lvl 63 dot). Kills were quicker do to DC pet and less med time.

I eventually asked someone to show me the HOH basements and had a lot of Exp grinding there. You can agro your young Wyrlon at the entrance, use Innate Camo to invis up and run to the basements with the pre-ordaned DC pet in tow. Use DC AA when you get to the basement you wish to fight in. Again - use Harmony of Nature for single pulls. The guardians are about same level of 62. HOWEVER, the Sentires that spawn down there are lvl 62-63 and IMMUNE to snare / root. So, you just snare, Flame lick for agro, and send in pet. With Flight of eagles, I was able to run to other side of room and cast one DOT before I had to run from Sentrie again. The guardians are cake when snared.

Some ppl claimed they quadded in the HOH basements. I tried it twice with a mana pool of 5.4 K. I was able to do it with med kiting, but hated the MED time afterwards. Using the DC pet, I was able to pull singles non-stop with KEI.

NC Murkgliders in the DS pit was OK exp per kill around 60-63, but took a while solo. Better was an agro kiting group. There are OTHER murkgliders (Stingers) in NC that are lvl 62-65. Those ran a little faster before snare I think, but was easy enough to root / dot. They provided better exp as well - I think 7% per kill at 67. I found them near the "Packmaster" named camp (ahead on ledge, veer to the right). Just watch out and don't agro that Bazu! Or he will eat you. :-)

I'm currently lvl 69 and exp was drying up fast in NC so I just recently looked into soloing Drachnids in Stoneroot Falls (DODH zone). You can read my posts there:
Solo exp at 68+ (

GL to you Madex!

Menien Mayhem
03-09-2006, 10:05 AM
Stoneroot and Undershore, perhaps The Hive and The Relic if you have the mana pool.

03-09-2006, 04:21 PM
Stoneroot and undershore? What would I kill and what would be the strat to killing? I bearly have 4800 mana pool. When im not working my ass of at work will do a magelo and put it on here

Menien Mayhem
03-09-2006, 05:41 PM
Hmmm, well at most you may be able to root/rot shiliskins in undershore and stoneroot, not much at 4800 mana to kite-nuke. Sounds like to me NC and RCoD are probably cool then.

03-09-2006, 07:09 PM

Menien Mayhem
03-10-2006, 12:12 AM
Ruined City of Dranik. Port to Bloodfields and it's the zone off to your left as you get in. Don't forget the lev/soe since first step off the bridge kinda hurts ;) Speaking of Bloodfields, probably another good solo-ing zone with 4500-6K mana pool.

03-20-2006, 08:06 PM
I spent a lot of time in HoH as well, but I found that the xp and return on my time was a lot better in Vxed. Since Vxed is an instance I always have the zone to myself. I often got to HoH and found my spots taken.
This never happens in Vxed and the xp is better. You just need to be careful and learn the creed... when in doubt... zone out!
I am lvl 70 and still get all my AA's there when I solo.

Best of luck-

03-20-2006, 10:07 PM
Twinner can you possibly explain what you do there? Do you root rot or what? Thanks

03-21-2006, 09:27 PM
To hunt in VXed I do the following...
Pull only Pookas or Hynids... they do not summon. When you enter, invis and advance slowly up the hill to see what 2 mobs are there. If one of them is a Pooka or Hynid you can pull. If not quit the Expedition, zone out and start a new one.
To pull... snare a pooka or hynid and then run to zone out. When you zone back (you can zone back in immediately) the mobs are split and the snared one is out alone. From here I root, dot, nuke, root... etc.... etc...
Note: If I did not have a mana free clicky root I would just stack dots so I would not waste mana on too many roots.
Note: Discretion is the better part of valor. Do not take hits... you will die. If things go bad zone out. These mobs 'turn' at just under 20% hp and then you can beat on them while you med if you have a mount.
When you do not have mobs to safely pull start a new instance.
It is slow killing, but I the xp for the time spent is the best I have found and I never have to worry about it being camped. I go there 30 min every time I play and use my 2x xp veteran AA there.
Best of luck!

03-22-2006, 07:55 AM
If you are pulling and you run up the zone walls, there is a good chance that the mob will 'warp' onto you.... and with the way they hit, you will be dead.

Be Safe, stay on the ground!

03-22-2006, 10:34 AM
Vxed rocks until you hit 70. Oh and if you can't get such and such AAs unless you are 70 ding 70 spend your AAs die and get a rez to be back at 69 and repeat as necessary.

03-22-2006, 03:13 PM
Vxed rocks until you hit 70. Oh and if you can't get such and such AAs unless you are 70 ding 70 spend your AAs die and get a rez to be back at 69 and repeat as necessary.

You can use a lev 70 AA ability at 69 (or lower)? I just assumed they worked like spells and would cease functioning once you delevel.