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03-09-2006, 10:53 AM
Ok so I have completed all GoD progression up to the Ikk 1,2 and 3 raids, done them got all 3 artifacts, gave them to Tublik, got the recipe for the Icon of the Altar, went off and made it (Cost about 12k, I had 1 fail, you have salvaged…..the cheapest component :P) took the sceptre back to old Tubbers, he said jobs a good ‘un and sent me off in search of the sentinel. I was Rogue shrouded but it didn’t stop an indifferent Kyv eating me.
From the dialogue with Tublik and the posts on various sites I have gleaned that the Golem I need is inside the large temple, west of the summoners circle, in between Ikk 1, 2 and 3 raid temples. I have a few things I’d like to ask and to be confirmed.

1. Do I need to be in a raid to hand in the Icon? Does it start an instanced on hand in?
2. Do I get the Icon back? How do I start the instanced on future attempts?
3. I’ve only ever seen the big temple from outside, is there a way up from the inside? Or do you climb the stairs outside? Is he at the top?

03-09-2006, 11:16 AM
1) I would suggest being in a raid of at least 12 or 18 when doing hand-in. Make sure none of them are in an expedition.
2) You get the Icon back immediately after handing it in. Just use Icon each time you need the instance. No need to hail the sentinel just run in, turn it in, evac etc.
3) To find the turn in guy I suggest going to the temple opposite of Summoner's Ring (believe this is ikkinz 2). There should be a doorway at ground level straight across from the ikkinz 2 temple which has a couple golems standing by it. Go in that door and up a ramp, the golem for turn-in is just at the top of that ramp in the room. There are ghosts in that room which will aggro you on turn in, so be ready to evac asap. I used to have my cleric TDA me then I'd run in, turn in icon, run out and evac.