View Full Forums : Free Expansions in the Test server!

03-24-2006, 02:32 AM
The following was posted in EQlive ( Very interesting for Test server Druids!

All Expansions Come to the Test Server!

In addition to the other nifty bonuses for playing on the Test server, now anyone playing on Test can also experience all the expansions as well! Simply download all the expansion files by making sure you have all expansions checked when you log into Test and you will be able to experience the entire game.

This benefit to all Test server players is in addition to:

# Double XP
# Ability to test buff your character to 25
# All Veteran Rewards regardless of account eligibility
# Need only one flagged raid member to enter a flagged area
The bonus access to the expansions while on Test will not give you access to all the expansions on Live servers though. You will still be required to purchase any expansion you wish to use on a regular Live server.

Come on by Test and check it out!

Very good news for the test population and good news for anyone looking to move there.