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04-12-2006, 06:40 PM
Hi there-
Dark Templars is the only high-end Euro guild on Xegony, and have been pushing firmly ahead with many of the same guild members and leadership for 5 years now - we have a great sense of community but also a long history of beating new encounters on the 3rd try! With the advent of new non-instanced raid encounters the Euro time advantage on a US server is starting to pay off again

Dark Templars are actively recruiting hard, we're more than happy to consider cross-server apps and are especially interested in players who can make our regular raid times of Sun-Thu, around 7-7.30pm gmt til 11-11.30pm, most nights. Our only must have just now is a keen desire to play EQ and make our raids as well as be aware of progression outside raids like group flagging activities; gear and AA are "nice to have" but can be worked around if we believe you are genuinely with us for the long haul. We want 1 or more of all of:

druids (2 would be great!)

at this time, and will consider apps from classes not on the list in some cases too.

The largest portion of our player-base is UK, but we welcome a range of other Euro and US players who match our times.

Your flags are not important, just a bonus - especially current content (in our case Dreadspire, Anguish signets and Theatre of Blood are all nice bonuses); number of AA will influence your application but for most classes we will accept a commitment to acquire your key class-defining AAs during trial period if you are short.

The most important factor us is an enthusiasm for raiding and an ability to make our times!

Our website is ( and more details can be found in the forums there - alternatively, you can email me direct at ( with any questions, PM me here, or catch me online on Xegony!

DTs are currently working primarily on PoR and DoD Demiplane progression - we are currently 3/5 down on Blood raids, and have access to Razorthorn and Corruption of Ro raids in PoR as well as farming open content. We farm Anguish and Vishimtar regularly.