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Johnny Nature
04-25-2006, 05:30 PM
Any thoughts for a SOLO halfling druid?

04-25-2006, 05:40 PM
halfling? re-roll as a race worth playing =p

04-26-2006, 06:19 AM
Misty Thicket is great but may be crowded. In the old days, if Misty was full, we went to Qeynos, as not so many people started there. Tox Forest is now also pretty good. Save all your bone chips for the quest in Kaladim, your Crushbone belts and pads, gnoll teeth from Blackburrow for the Qeynos quest, etc etc, as these quests are often-overlooked ways of staying a bit ahead of the crowd.

You can start in East Karana pretty early, I think around level 10 or so. Blues are what you want, tank them all and max out your defense, as armor is gonna be pretty bad for a while. Gnoll reavers are a good source of cash as they often drop bronze weapons and rawhide armor. Griffawns are pretty under-conned, and many a druid levelled in this zone with a charmed grif tearing stuff up. North Karana is also good for this. There are some good mobs in South Karana too, but I found them to be a bit difficult to find until I got track. When you get bind you may also want to move to Lake Rathe for a while as you can do the smaller aviaks there around level 13 and move to the big ones around 18, as I recall (been many years, hehe).

Once you get wolf form, Unrest is a piece of cake. Many druids today don't seem to know that wolf form makes you non-aggro in Unrest, so you can pretty much own the whole thing :) Pass out the blood-stained tunics to every cleric you see and get free rezzes for life! There are also some pretty good experience mobs in Dagnar's Cauldron if Unrest is full. Don't use wolf form in East Karana or Everfrost. Much to my chagrin, I found some places with NPCs that don't like wolves that did not used to be that way.

I mentioned Everfrost because that zone is your ticket to low-level druid riches :) Mammoths drop tusks worth 9pp or so quite often. Be sure to take a large sewing kit or something to carry them in, as they are giant-sized and will not fit in a backpack. I started killing them at level 21, but with old-style gear you may not be able to do them until a few levels later. Wisps are also an excellent source of cash.

I also love Lavastorm--tons of easy mobs and not many people go there. I believe I went there around level 14.

These are the memories of an old-school player. Hope that helps :)