View Full Forums : 2.0 Shards in any order?

05-21-2006, 06:13 AM
First of all, sorry for putting this in the wrong forum, but I was unable to post in the Epic Walkthrough forum.

The Walkthrough states that the Shards portion of 2.0 can be done in any order, are we sure this is true? I'm positive we were in the right location, as I've done the fight before for another druid, but I was unable to spawn the WoS shard mob. I have 1.5, and the Frost Shard from NC, but no other 2.0 pieces.

Thanks in advance for any insight to this.

Edit: Yes I'm sure no one had done the fight in the previous 2 hrs.

Edit.2: meh delete this post plz Nim, shards cannot be done until rune fragments are done.