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05-27-2006, 01:26 PM
Asking for some gear sugestions,

I'm in a family guild, raids about twice a week and I'm really not flagged for anything. We raid some old school zones but sometimes team up with other guilds for NC/WOS/RCOD.

Hopeing theres single group upgrades for me because thats what I do the most, not a big raider.

Thanks in advance

05-28-2006, 03:19 AM
There are some upgrades from DoD you could probably get. 69.1 hard auto reward is a mask with around 200 hp/mana and a magic nuke focus. 69.1 hard also can drop a 200ish hp/mana shield from chest. 70.2(I think) auto reward is a neck item with similar hp/mana and a cold nuke focus. 70.4(the seeker) hard can drop a nice pair of pants from chest with a good fire nuke focus. 70.4 normal auto reward is a solid stats shoulder item.

You could also get more crystals and upgrade your DoN vendor pieces by adding type 9 augs(around 30 hp/mana plus stats or effects for each aug), and get more 50/55 hp or mana(whichever you prefer) type 7/8 augs for your visible slot armor and shoulder, back, waist, neck, and face pieces.