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05-30-2006, 10:04 AM
I've kindof inherited a friends lvl 66 druid,and its been awhile since ive played one. Played one when I first started 5years ago,but only to 35;and much has changed since then..
Im not new to game,but its a little different perspective playn a druid(have necro,mage,zerker,monk,cleric,shammie),but a druid compared to necro is a different playn style/strategy.
Was what is a good spot to solo for lvl 66,maybe farming also.. He only has one lvl 66 spell,think the ae spell. I guess I'm spoiled with necro,but seems druid dots aren't very strong,but I'm guessing since they nukers also,thats one reason..
To be honest not sure how much I will play him,as I have other char's I tend to also,but if I enjoy him when I do play him,never know. Right now my zerker is my main char I play,but days I cant get anything done with him, I usually jump to another char..
I'm not a big fan of being a healer n group,as Ive done that once,didnt really like it,plus if I really want to be group healer,I'd play my cleric(ya,take what ya can get if grouping is thined out)..
So, any advice,suggestions on solo areas etc.. would be great. I'll try reading thru some threads see if I can get some ideas and knowledge from there..
Thnks, sorry for the rambling,been rough week alreay....
*edit I got my magelo up*

05-30-2006, 10:10 AM
bah, editing post didn't put my magelo link up...hope this reply does...

06-01-2006, 03:37 PM
Druids are the "swiss army knife" of EQ classes. We can do a huge number of things, but we pay the price for that versatility by not excelling at any function. As you noticed with your necro, druids can dot but it's not going to match the DPS output of an equally geared necro. Same goes for almost anything we can do, somebody can do it better.

So the strength of druids is we can sub into any group and fill in as DPS one minute, crowd control the next, patch / main healer after that.

I'd guess you've done plenty of dot-kiting as a necro, druids do that too just slower. So here are some fun solo things to try as a druid:

1. Quad kite. Head to an outdoor zone, find 4 mobs of roughly the same type. Basicly looking for standard mobs you'd want for kiting, no summoning and snareable. But you also want them to have about the same HP, run at the same speed and have an area where pathing is pretty clean. Load up your magic AE nukes (or cold rains) and long term snares. You'll need some running room, tag and get your four mobs snared, start running circles around them until all four are basicly pathing on top of each other then start burning them down with the AE nukes. Once you get it down it is once of our fastest solo xp methods. With our long term snares you can even med up abit while running if needed. HoHonor is a classic spot for this, PoFire is the high xp spot.

2. Charm. Well this got nerfed to heck after OoW, but it can still be a ton of fun and ok xp in mid-60's. Load up your PoP charm, ensnare, pet haste and glam of tunare. You should probably load evac if you don't have exodus also heh. Find an animal of decent hp, stick the MR debuff, stick the long snare, charm it, haste it, send it off to slaughter it's friends. Few things to keep in mind, you need to do some dmg to the mobs your killing to get better exp, doesn't need to be alot but if pet does all the dps you get much less exp than if you landed even a lvl 1 nuke. I tended to buff and heal one pet and keep it for the long haul, but it can be faster exp to kill your pets as they get low HP, break charm, root em and dot/nuke for full exp. Some spots for this: Frogs in the forest in PoStorms, worms in the "hidden" basement of PoJustice, Pigs in the pigpen in PoTactics.