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06-06-2006, 08:28 AM
Hey all,

Returning to EQ after a 1.5 year break. Kinda rusty and lots of new zones out there.

Curious as to where the best spots are for me to level (mostly with the new zones)

Also where are the best spots for me to try to find pick up groups. Is there a certain zone where people congregate to do missions/instances?

Any other hints/tips are gladly accepted ;)

*Edit* are LDON instances still group only? or can you get the quests solo now? magelo in case that helps


06-08-2006, 06:59 PM
For LFG the common zones are PoK and the guild lobby since exp'n in instances is often the plan. Most people use the /lfg tool though so you can really look for a group from any zone. For standard "old style" LFG the open OoW zones are still popular. Those would be WoSlaughter, MPG and RSS. You can sometimes get an "old style" LFG group in Lavastorm for DoN missions. People also look for certain spell progression missions in DoDH and sometimes for PoR. But I'd try the /lfg tool and just take what people invite you to until you see what you like and which missions you need.

Pretty sure all missions/instances require the minimum 3 players to obtain an instance still, LDoN included. You can get a mission with friends who don't plan on joining you though.

DoN is the upgrade to LDoN with tradable reward crystals instead of points used to buy gear and augs. You could pick up some good upgrades there if you liked the LDoN style of shopping.

Pickup group exp instances tend to be Creator (the DoN standard), Drakes mission in the Nest (the DoN fast exp zone), Lost Notebook or 69.1 (Kiting instance). PoR missions don't really keep up exp-wise with the older content.

DoDH spells require 4-5 missions each. Besides getting a spell they have instant rewards for completing missions. The items were upgraded to the point that they are some of the best gear from a hp/mana perspective that non-raiders can get. Quite a few aug rewards too if you need to fill out your gear. All of our DoDH spells are nice. Skin of the Reptile is probably the most useful. Dawnstrike is good for showing off.

Our PoR group heal is a great change to our class spell lineup. It's from the Ao series of missions available in Arcstone. The 55 aura is pretty easy to get in the new Takish. The 70 aura is nice though not game changing. Barkspur is more a toy spell with very limited uses, a tank with no slower is about the only time I mem it.

06-09-2006, 12:32 PM
DoN has some really nice items that you can use to fill in weaker spots or grab a missing focus - I use as a search database rather than standing at the merchant. It might help to give you an idea of what is available and cost etc.

As far as DoD and PoR I have found a lot of good information and write ups on these boards as well as on the shaman class site. At the top there is a -Info for Everybody- drop down menu that can direct you to walk throughs of DoN faction progression, DoD missions and spells. Might help with the bigger picture and just show you what's available.

Hunting in OoW would also help you net some of the spell runes you'll need for the 66+ OoW spells.

06-12-2006, 09:02 AM
Excellent info,

Thanks Guys

06-12-2006, 12:54 PM
I just wanted to add you can do Monster Missions and the one for icewell is awesome shield upgrade to what you have and the rare ring would be also. I am only lvl 54 and it gives me partial stats but still better then your current shield. Kromkif Buckler or something. The first mission is easy once your group has it down takes us 20mins or so and like 3 bubbles blue exp for me. btw the seal for this gives a nice aug but costs alot to take off so pick an item you are going to keep for a while....i believe 7 to all stats either 65hps/mana or 75 and 7 regen 10 to avoidance!!!

I did the #2 version and it is tougher but I ended up getting the rare aug of 6sta/dex/agi 50hps/50mana ( I told the tank to loot it but he was playing Dain and wanted to get shard and out soon)

Also there is charm shroud event in CC (turn into goblins and sneak hide running through) it eventually gives nice stats once you have all the zones completed. I got 3 to all so far plus 20hps 20mana and I only completed two of the 4 quests.

Hope that helps I am back after 3 yr break and started completely over.


06-13-2006, 01:39 PM
Arcstone / Relic Quests are fairly easy, and there's always people out doing them. They would probably be easy upgrades for you. Also some of the mini-named in Arcstone drop marks for armor as well ( Spirit Mark Armor ( ).

Quests in Arcstone -

Cloak - Mark of the Spirits (
Aug - Crossfire (
Earring - The Needy (

Quests in Relic -

Ring - A Shop Keeper's Delight (

Alternatively, Radiant Crystals are pretty cheap these days, you could probably buy a whole bunch if you have plat and spend it (Though you will need to be level 70 to get the better DoN Armors).