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Sobe Silvertree
06-14-2006, 09:39 AM
Thick Skinned Areas:

General-OT is a Low Moderation forum.

Unkempt Druids is a Low Moderation forum.

"Skin Like Wood is generally recommended."

Understand that Moderators are members first.

Any responses from a Moderator as a moderator will be done in RED and ITALIC - They will bold any direct statements or strong points they are trying to make.
Understand that while moderators are members first, they will perform their duties as Moderator as it is stated above.
Understand that if the staff member is from another board (IE: Vanguard, WoW, EQ2, EQ1 etc.), they are not acting as an Admin or Moderator. I can and will ban them from those sections if I feel that they do not understand their place and will not return access until they have learned this or retired as an Admin/Mod.
In case of outright rules breakage: If your a new member, its less tolerated and you should expect a formal resonse to your infraction. As your post count gets higher and years go by, the more it's likely you will have a couple of bad days in there. We understand that and as a strong contributer to our community, we may tend to be a bit more lenient and perhaps remind you that you have gone a bit to far in the form of a PM before escalating it to a stronger level of moderation.
Thick Skinned Areas ONLY: Warning!!! If you are CALLED a name or attacked in a personally manner. Only you! "Yes" The one that was called a name.. no matter if I call you it or any other staff member it is UP to you to report this post to the boards Admin.Sobe.. Stormhaven or Rahjeir.

od Warning:

Our Moderators must explain themselves in a clear and professional manner; they will make sure that there is no question that they are moderating.

Thank you for your attention!


I, Sobe, reserve the final decision. Stormhaven and Rahjeir are the other TDG Network Admins. Please PM or email us, if you have issues with posts or posters, including Moderators.