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07-09-2006, 05:23 AM
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*** Highlights ***
- The guild window is now available to everyone, regardless of expansion!

*** Items ***
- Introduced several new weapon augmentations that are available from Gemcrafters in starting cities.
- Mask of the Mad Musician now has the focus effect of Blessing of the Elddar.
- Drape of the Unseen now has the focus effect of Curse of Takish.
- Three Octave Shawl now has the focus effect Okahn’s Blood.
- Mayong’s Buckled Girdle now has the focus effect Zomm’s Right Eye.
- Mayong’s Masquerade Mask now has +25 backstab damage.
- Conductor’s Suede Gloves now has +20 frenzy damage.
- Cracked Belfry Wristcuff now has +20 flying kick damage.
- The Dread Deeds spell scroll is now tradable.
- Changed the looks of the Brewmaster’s Mug.
- Altered the Seals of Block to make them work correctly and to make the effects more in line with other Seals.
- Living Coal has been marked as a tradeskill item.

*** NPCs ***
- Many NPCs in zones released prior to Planes of Power have been modified. The most notable difference will be an increase in health and a decrease in the AC of the creatures.
- The All-Seeing Eye should be awake once more.
- The froglok guards in rathe mountains will no longer kill their spiderling pets.
- There is now a banker in Surefall Glade.
- Two Bankers have been added to the bank in West Freeport.

*** Tradeskills ***
- Radiant Tourmaline of Minor Quickening will no longer magically turn into Radiant Tourmaline of Aggression if you fail to make the combine.
- Disabled the recipe for Coadjutor Mechanoinstructions so people do not "waste" their components on this recipe. (Since the Coadjutor Mechanoinstructions have no use)<

*** Spells ***
- The Dreadstone spell now summons a stack of 100 Dreadstones.
- The Blessed Aura and the Holy Aura spells should not fade when the Flames of the Valiant and Flames of Redemption buffs fade.

*** Tasks ***
- Corrected a problem that was causing some tasks and quests in the following zones to not update properly: Splitpaw, The Hole, Nurga, Droga, Plane of Fear, and Plane of Hate.

*** Missions ***
- The Spies Like Them mission should now more accurately recognize when all NPCs in the zone have been slain.

*** Events ***
- Many raids in instanced zones that required multiple groups to start can now be started with a single group.

*** UI Changes ***
- Fixed a problem with the barter search window not always returning the proper results when searching by player name.
- The guild window is now available to everyone, regardless of expansion!

-The Everquest Team