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07-28-2006, 01:23 PM

I just got a Korlach Signet Collar (205hp / 215mana / 25svC&M / 20svF / +3 regen / Focus: Gelidran Anger). I like the resists, however I also like the stun resist on my old neck. Also: Tacticians Shield vs Barrier of Freezing Winds?


Also, I am in a small guild that doesn't really raid unless guests of local uber guilds.

I've got an 11k hp / 2300ac warrior & 8.5k hp / 9k mana shaman.

I'm decent at 3 boxing all of them. Best I can do is drop stuff that quads 2k, partially slowable with 100k hp. Or for sustained unslowable fights, I can do AoW and thats about my limit.

I have all my spells except ancients and reptile skin(f 68.3). What can I do to get upgrades?

Suggestions etc?

08-01-2006, 09:52 AM
At a brief glance, a couple of dodh missions have upgrades for you:
70.5 hard has two chest rewards that would be upgrades, ring + boots.
"Sabotage!" has leggings and charm upgrade.
Speaking of charm, can also do slipgears gem quest (not sure if it's an upgrade though, charm + charm augs aren't always accurate on magelo).
Completing the 5 dodh mission arcs (69,70,Bellfast, Dustspirit,Widdlethorp) will yield an evolving mask (with 50 to all saves clicky) that's an upgrade.
If you don't know already, look here: for a nice break-down of all the dodh quests and rewards.
Also, lists focus (foci?) available, each focus name link takes you lucy, which lists what items have the focus.
More important than 50-100hp/mana upgrade in a slot are focus upgrades. My philosophy is: Focus > all, when considering upgrade options.

Happy hunting!