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07-29-2006, 09:53 AM
Hey guys, sorry to make another "where do I solo" post, but here's another one :P

I'm currently a level 67 druid with only 11 AA's, around a 5.4k mana pool with c6 on. I need some tips on where I should hunt. Keep in mind I'm on the Zek server, so less crowded zones are better (70's seem to be able to sniff out us 66-69 players ^^). Here's my magelo:

Thanks ahead of time!

07-30-2006, 01:58 AM
Vxed would be a good idea. Can solo and med and never have to worry about a soul bothering you since it is an instanced zone.

08-15-2006, 06:03 PM
Exp in Vxed at Zone-line

Getting to Vxed

1. Quickest way is a Druid port to Barindu and then invis up. (Most things don’t see through invis.) When you port into Barindu, it is important to know that the Riwwi zone line is to the immediate left.
2. Run out and to the right between the pyramid and the square buidling, then follow the stream. At the end of the stream you will see Apprentice Udranda. Drop invis, target Apprentice Udranda and say “Vxed” (This will open the Vxed instanced zone). Bring invis backup (very important) then follow path to the instanced zone.

ob in Vxed

1. All mobs except for the first two you meet are single pull-able. Harmony will work only on the Stomites and Pookas up to level 65. OOW harmony will work on all Pookas and Stomites.
2. All mobs are level 64 – 66
3. Hynids, Pookas and Cragbeast do not summon
4. Stomites, Ukons and Kyvs do summon
5. Hynids will see through Invis
6. mobs are fairly resistant to snare and roots. DoN snare helps alot with resist.
7. Most mobs run fairly fast, Hynids run at SoW+ speeds.
8. All mobs can quad for 1200+ (4800 hps in a round).
9. Mobs have about 25K - 30K hitpoints and are straight melee.
10. Each mob in Vxed is worth 10 – 12% AA.

Pulling in Vxed

1. The first two mobs are the trickiest. Once you break this camp. The mobs are much easier. Key is to pull with snare, then run back to zone-in area to root/rot.
2. If you are snaring a Hynid and you get a resist. Do not try to cast snare again. Just run for zone. They run at SoW+ speeds.
3. There are 5 mobs that you can easily get to (if soloing). The two after the statues, and one each up each of the 3 paths. There is also 1 wandering mob on each path so watch for them. Also there is always an Ukon as the second mob on the far left fork. There are also more single pullage mobs further up. you can pull those base on time permitting on respawn.
4. Pathing, beware that mobs have funky pathing here. If you move too far away from your mob (once snared). It will warp on top of you and kill you. So pullers be aware of this. This is especially true if you are on the high walls or are high up with SoE.
5. Mobs are social.
6. If you see a Stomite, Ukon or Kyv. Kill what you can then reset your instanced zone. Note, it takes 6 minutes to get a new instanced if you just started one. So if you get two summoners to start, you have to just wait it out.

1. Most drops and forages for tradeskillers (high level words, runes (ie. rune of Zephyer) and hides).
2. Only significant drop is a no-drop extended range 5/+10 ATK mask which is ultra rare.

Exp in 66 is about 0.75% per kill (solo)
Exp in 67 is about 0.75% per kill (solo)
Exp in 68 is about 0.50% per kill (solo)
Exp in 69 is a little less 0.50% per kill (solo)

A 5K mana druid can probably take down a mob in 4 - 5 minutes with sustained DPS and Mana for about 30. With LoD, that's about 1 - 1.3 AA in 30 minutes.

It takes me at lvl 70 about 2 minutes to burn through a mob now, but the exp is a bit light at 70.

08-15-2006, 07:06 PM
HOH basement is still good at 67. Then the best bet is doing some MM's with friends (Dain 3 is good exp). You can shroud down to level 5 while looking for MM so that nobody is interested in bothering you.

12-16-2006, 08:34 PM
This is a little delayed, but thanks a lot guys. I've had a lot of fun in HoH basement, and Vxxed is nice too. I'm curious about what I should do now with serpentspine out, though....any suggestions about serpentspine solo spots?

12-21-2006, 03:31 PM
For TSS spots, Icefall Glacier is nice grounds for kiting Bears, Spiders, and wolves.

Else, if you can get a few people to be in group while afk, you can try soloing The Nest for DoN or The Lost Notebook (69.1 hard) mission for DODH. Both will yield yellow / red con mobs and serve well for experience through the low 70's!