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08-01-2006, 08:10 AM
Couple questions on main-healing anguish-minis. well, solo-healing them really, often don't have a shammy either (nor cleric).
One group, chanter slow, war tank (19.8khp, 3.1kac buffed), random dps:
Is it possible for a druid to keep the tank up?
Is it possible for a druid with my gear? (magelo link in sig, but 11.2k mana unbuffed, 40% heal focus, 14% mana pres, 2.3 sec cast time on Ancient Chloro).
If so, any tips?

Tried this the other day, was doing fine until the mini was about 40% health, tank took a bad round, heal didn't crit, wiped.
I was using the standard healing methods (minus atk debuffs on the mob, don't really have time for it...), aura + regen + reptile + Conv. of Spirits + spamming Ancient, tank had defensive up. Any other suggestions?
Would be happy for anyone to share their experiences with this, I'd hate to think I was wasting my time by trying!

08-01-2006, 08:16 AM
Try getting -attack debuffs in. Adjust your pulling if possiable to land both HoR and SC prior the mob hitting the tank. Should cut down on the spike problem, but may mean a longer pull.

The difference between Chanter and Shaman slow at that level of mitigation is very minor Its not really making the difference.

Is the warrior using Defensive, or Stonewall? If your good with push Stonewall may be the better disc to use as it doesn't lower the warriors dps.

Which classes are typically your dps, they may be able to do differant things to ensure success.

08-01-2006, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the reply Fenier!
I agree with you about attack debuffs, i'm a firm believer in them as well. My concern with using them was: Ro on the pull would be okay (and hope it's not resisted!), but corona seems to generate a fair amount of aggro, i was concerned about getting the mini's attention and getting one-rounded on incoming! Once the fight began, I was too concerned about spam-healing to attempt to land a debuff.

As for the other classes, I think it was a monk + beasty + necro, but I could be wrong. I'm not that familiar with the utilities the other classes have that could help in this situation, but actually thinking about it now, guess I could have the beast hit perfection (has hp regen right?) and don't necro's get some sort of life-tap HoT type thingy? Maybe the chanter could rune the tank before pull? Good point, I honestly hadn't thought about these things!

I'm unsure which disc the tank was using, but push isn't a problem - there's plenty of good cornering spots around, I'll have to ask him about using stonewall next time.

Thanks again!

08-01-2006, 09:12 AM
Ironically, Monks Necromancers and Beastlords can also lower attack of an mob.

The Necro is the least effect, lowering it only 35 points with Crippling Claudication. The issue here is its disease check, with no modifer. If pressed for healing they can also use Soul orbs / Group heals to try to offset some damage, but dps should be their main concern. Necro 1.5/2.0 pet procs group lifetaps also.

Beastlords, provided they are wielding a Mace of Grim Tidings from Hanvar, can lower the attack of a mob by 75. Pefection also increases your mana and provides some hitpoint regen as well.

Chanters as you say can rune, and I would recommend cripple. Illusionists Aura should help your mana regen also.

onks have an AA called Eye Gouge which drops attack by 90 for 2 ticks when maxed out.

Other possiable useful things:

Warrior - Commanding Voice increase chance to dodge by 20 percent. Skill they get from the 68 DoD arc. Champion Aura + AC / proc rate, possiably have warrior click a HoT potion since they stack with everything your using to heal.

onk - Fists of Wu, increases chance to double attack for the group. Master's Aura - Increase chance to Parry, Block and Riposte by 10%

elee can pick up a which has the effect of Guardian Circle +20% to Dodge, while casters can get a +4% to healing. They are both at the same camp in Elddar Forest.

Currently the Circles I do not think are stacking correctly with Auras, they should be but I am not sure if this has been fixed yet.

Your group may already be doing alot of this, but its stuff worth checking into.

08-01-2006, 10:07 AM
Anguish minis put out a lot of dps, I would be surprised if a druid could solo heal that without pretty much every debuff Fenier mentions above on. Damage spikes are bound to happen that will wipe a tank out without a large amount of healing, even with atk debuffs on. Would take a fair amount of luck to dodge that happening. That said, if you managed to 40% and still had over 40% mana it's possible for all the way, having not solo healed the mini's before I couldn't give ya much more insight than that they put out a lot of dps and it would be a rough fight at best. Switching in a shaman for the enchanter brings other benefits in addition to just a better slow, shaman HoTs and blast healing could be the difference, though it wouldn't be solo-healing them in that case. Enchanter chain-runing the tank wouldn't hurt either. Best of luck to you on your next attempt!

Auras do not currently stack with Circle of X clickies, they are intended to work together and it is being looked into.

08-01-2006, 11:20 AM
Soul/Shadow orb, while instant and crittable, is on a 30 second timer and is best reserved for 'ah damnit, somebody ****ed up' situations.

Night Stalker, our GoD level group HoT, can be resisted. It's disease based however, so it can help somewhat.

If Anguish minis AE rampage, that makes the epic pet heal kinda worthless. It's been over a year since I did an augment run tho, so I don't remember if they do or not.

08-01-2006, 12:50 PM
Easy solution - have warrior or monk use ripo disc vs named until all debuffs + slow are on.

08-01-2006, 12:59 PM
I would say you would need another healer to cover a bad round. I disagree with debuffing before the mob is engaged as something simply as taunt might fail and your ass is handed to the mob ( which would be a worse outcome ).

I would imagine it hard to debuff once the mob is engaged as forementioned the mobs have high DPS, not to mention the mini Vilra would resist them ( minus GB ) anyway. That being said relying on heal crits to keep your tank healed is probably not worth the risk in wiping due to the time spent clearing to spawn them. Someone mentioned before that the mini's don't have a lot of hp anyway so two half decent dps should be enough to cover it ( My preference would be a monk for pulls ).

09-19-2006, 01:41 AM
We did Anguish mini run with 2 groups few days ago. We had one druid (me), cleric and shaman on heals and paladin tank. Two minis down and no deaths! Damage spikes were bad though and no way I could have healed our tank alone altough she's one of the top paladins in FV. With levels 75 though, I'm sure this is possible :)

10-12-2006, 02:25 PM
A cleric and druid can heal the mini's np. I've done it. But I'd be worried about trying to heal solo. We, druids, don't have as may "oh ****" tricks up our sleeves if a mini furry's or has any sort of dps spike. Not to say a druid couldn't do it. If the dps and debuffs were there and there were no dps spikes from the mini then I think a druid could keep a tank up through the fight. Good luck and let us know if/when you succeed.

SMiles, Kajri (74 druid of Stromm)