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08-08-2006, 01:21 PM
Europa is an European raiding guild, currently rated as the most advanced guild on Druzzil Ro (content wise) and one of the 28 guilds that has successfuly killed Overlord Mata Muram
Our goals are to experience, explore, and conquer high end raid content. We are mature people that love to raid and thus is our main motivation for playing this game.
Europa's primary focus is currently Depths of Darkhollow (Demiplane of Blood) and getting keys for Dethknell.
Occasionally we hit minor farm targets: Vishimtar and Anguish.
We are looking for dedicated and hardcore raiding players who are focused and skilled.
Drama level within the guild is almost not existant, if you are looking for a no drama guild, this is your place. if you are a drama queen, make no mistakes, this is not the guild for you.
Europa's loot distribution is done by a DKP system. We find it to be fair and it has worked wonderfully for us in the past and present.
We raid everyday in the following hours (broken into several time zones):
7PM - 11PM (GMT)
8PM - 12PM (CET)
2PM - 6PM (EST)
11AM - 3PM (PST)
Our raids have official start / end times. We start everyday at the same time and end it as close as we can to the end time.
Wednesday is our official day off (no raids). We picked a weekday as the day off, so members can finish IRL things.
For more information, you can visit or ;tell druzzil.Kandraax / ;tell druzzil.Corvard

You must meet or exceed our minimum class level requirements:

Level 70
Minimum of 400 AA
Resists that are 250+ unbuffed
Have a computer and connection that are adequate for raiding.
Must have all current expansions enabled.
Raid Attendence over 70% (5 days or more)
You must be skilled and knowledgeable in your classThese are for your own and for our protection. Exceptions may be made, however with Europa penetrating the Demiplane of Blood these become more important than ever.

Access to the Citadel of Anguish (Signets) ( - Seal: Mastery of All is now looted inside anguish itself
Access to Dreadspire Keep (* Having these are a major PLUS to your application. However we do not expect all applicants to have them. If it is the case that you do not possess these two keys/flags then we expect you to have sufficient drive to seek out members of the guild that will choose to help you.
Help is often gladly given but even people who help have their own projects. The Key here is don't expect them to come to you with your quest pieces on a silver platter! Use the forums for help to gather the force you need to get the job done. The journey is half the reward with having positive opinions about you!
Cross server Applications:
Cross server transfers are very welcome to apply to Europa. We welcome your application whole heartedly, and urge you to contact a recruitment officer should you meet or exceed the current recruitment guidelines. If you are a cross server transfer you will skip the first process of the application and wear the Europa tag as a trial member when you arrive on Druzzil Ro. (with prior approval of your application of course)
A sense of humor is a MUST....raiding is no doubt serious, however we are also here to have fun and relax when the time is right too
Recruitment Status:
We are currently recruiting for the following classes: Warrior, Monk, Ranger, Berserker, Rogue, Cleric, Druid and Shaman.

The classes listed above are the classes we are currently seeking, however, we are never really closed for an application from any class. If they are the type of players we want, that means level 70, lots of AA's, good gear, high playtime and willingness to die repeatedly while trying new encounters, then we are very interested!
Posting Application:
To post application, please fill out our Application Form (
An alternative way is to contact our recruitment officers: Corvard and Kandraax or via email to
Europa's Recruitment Team.