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Grugit Thunderaxe
08-17-2006, 03:29 PM
Titans of Saryrn is a raiding guild on the Everquest Saryrn server. Our raid times fit well with European prime time and US daytime players, and we are dedicated to raiding and progressing through Everquest taking on all the challenges and winning with good spirits and fun. We are currently rebuilding the guild (Aug 2006) having lost a number of good friends to other places. We are always interested in hearing from very active players who play often and can attend most raids. We work as a guild, and if you are thinking what you can bring to the guild rather than what the guild can do for you then you are very welcome to apply. Our current raid times are 7pm to 11pm and beyond (UK time) Mon - Thu and Sundays. This gives Friday and Saturday for xp and quests you may need! Guild class requirements We welcome applications from all classes at the moment. Application minimum requirements All applicants need to have the following - level 70 - 150 AA - shrink capability (potions or item) - invis capability (potions or item) - 1 indoor insta click item (2 preferred) - extended spell range item (casters only) - all expansions enabled on your account - network connection and computer capability to support full raids without network lag or graphical issues Additional recommended - Anguish signets quest completed (trial can begin without this, however you will not pass trial until this is done) Visit us on : or in game Malairia, Gelinu, Bumle

08-17-2006, 10:16 PM
Have SoW, Will Travel ( 4tw

:sumo: =)