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08-24-2006, 04:05 PM
Greetings, druids!

Forti Et Fideli is a family raiding guild housed on the Cazic Thule server. The Latin phrase "Forti Et Fideli", is loosely translated “Brave and Faithful”, describing the guild through and through. Forti is dedicated to being faithful in helping our members stretch themselves to be the best characters that they can be, while helping them gain experience and enjoy their jobs in a group or raid setting. Members of Forti are brave, ready and willing to explore new zones and bond together to war against creatures of evil in the world of Norrath. We are a home for players who are go-getters looking to progress, and willing to establish their characters according to game etiquette without greed or cowardice. Forti is a family made up of members who are active players and are in game often. We are allied with another small family guild, who share our goals, playstyle, and playtime.

The members of Forti Et Fideli are united in several goals. Firstly, we desire to integrate players of similar game interests and play-styles. The basic play-style can be summarized as a priority of fun, excitement, and enjoyment in which members are able to gain experience and gear. Secondly, we desire to explore continents and zones, quests, missions, adventures, and whatever else our members may agree upon. Our ultimate goal is that in this fun and versatile family atmosphere, members will come together and form lasting friendships while adventuring in the world of Norrath.

We are currently recruiting all classes level 65 and higher.

Our raid times are Fridays at 11pm EST, and Sundays at 9pm EST for the time being. We are beginning PoP Progression, completing epic 1.5's, completing Tier 3 of DoN Progression, and doing Tipt runs to get KT flagged and begin GoD Progression. Raids are never required, however we ask that you come if at all possible. We understand and appreciate our real life schedules and advocate that real life always comes first and is more important than this game. However, in order for Forti to progress, all of its members must participate as often as possible.

If you are looking for a family raiding guild that is starting PoP and GoD progressions from scratch, a guild that is gearing up its members and setting its sights high to progress through the game, Forti Et Fideli may be the guild for you. Please visit our boards ( and recruitment info here ( Feel free to email me:

08-25-2006, 07:52 AM
*waves at Kihra*