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NOBLE RAGE is an active family raiding guild on Prexus. We believe that just because you take raiding seriously that doesn't mean your guild's personality has to suffer. It is possible to have the best of both worlds! We have both a casual, family style atmosphere with lots of guild activities, XP groups, and support to help you along the way!

We offer:
* a jovial, family style environment
* an average of 3 scheduled raids / events per week
* guild XP groups on nights that have no other events
* support for our members to help them grow

Our current raid targets include MPG Trials, Epic 1.5 and 2.0 targets for our members, Theater of Blood, Plane of Time for applicants, and various other targets from Omens of War, Depths of Darkhollow, Prophecy of Ro, The Serpent's Spine and newer content.

Attendance on our raids is never mandatory or required, but our loot is awarded using a Raid Points / auction system that favors those who have attended more events. Our typical "busy hours" during which most events take place are 6 PM to 9 PM Pacific on weekdays (9 PM to Midnight Eastern) or 11 AM to 11 PM Pacific on weekends (1 PM to 2 AM Eastern), but there are always lots of folks on, even during off hours.

Our atmosphere is fun -- we like to clown around -- but we do take our game play seriously and we expect each member to know how to play his or her class, and to work constantly at improving their play and their character. Our members come from all walks of life and most of us have real life time commitments (kids, jobs, spouses, etc.) that limit their playing hours. We definitely understand that real life comes first.

NOBLE RAGE recruitment is currently open. We believe the healthiest guild environment is one with a proper mix of classes for both raiding and grouping. For this reason, we limit recruitment on those classes that we already have a sufficient guild population of. Our current needs (by class) are as follows:

Bard: - Moderate Need
Beastlord: - Moderate Need
Berserker: - Moderate Need
Cleric: - HIGH NEED
Druid: - HIGH NEED
Enchanter: - Moderate Need
Mage: - Recruitment Closed
Monk: - Recruitment Closed
Necromancer: - Recruitment Closed
Paladin: - Recruitment Closed
Ranger: - Moderate Need
Rogue: - HIGH NEED
Shadowknight: - HIGH NEED
Shaman: - Moderate Need
Warrior: - Moderate Need
Wizard: - Moderate Need

Note that exceptions to this list may be made for exceptional applicants. If recruitment is closed on your class but you think that you may qualify as an exceptional applicant, send a tell or in game e-mail to an officer.

You must be a minimum level of 70 to apply to Noble Rage. We do not require any minimum number of AAs or flags, although if you have them that's a bonus! WE CARE MORE ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY THEN YOUR MAGELO!

For more information about us, visit our webpage, (

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