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09-12-2006, 08:16 AM
Well, I finally got my very first Bazu stone last night and am now wrestling with what to make.
Since its almost time for SS and the new level 75 cap the Bazu seals that max out at level 67 are pretty easy to discard from the lineup. My gear has respectable fire and cold foci atm. so those are out as well.

In fact looking through things it looks like my main choice is between the following:

Bazu seal of dodge- effect Dodge III. My current item with this is an oow aug wiht dodgeIII and spell shield so it would be a big upgrade statwise, plus not too likely to be affected by new levels.

Bazu seal of Baleful Continuance- effect Vindication of the dragorn, detri spell duration increased by 30 percent to level 70. In looking through things it seems Im lacking any sort of detri duration focus at all right now, so this is tempting. Believe this would boost dots as well as snare line, ros etc?

Was just hoping for some input in case Im not considering anything important, this was one of the first seals to drop for us so it will be a while before I see another one.

Sliggoth, druid/ tradeskiller of 7th Hammer

09-12-2006, 12:13 PM
suggest linking a magelo before more suggestions.

I suggest either spell haste (beneficial or detrimental). Prefer Detrimental here since it 'seems' more rare to me.

take a look at what mordien ( to his chest piece.

09-12-2006, 02:17 PM
Yes.....someday I should get hooked up with magelo, just have never bothered. I currently have good detri spell haste, I only have 15% bene spell haste tho, so that would be a possibility.

The detri extension Im lacking entirely tho, so its very tempting to pick that up since I really dont want to wear my old gear for that focus.


09-12-2006, 02:42 PM
IMHO - you'll want to pick up the focus that you will use the most. So as you play, think about what you need the most. narrow it down to three and try to decide which can benefit you most, right now.

nuking and healing are primary roles. so the options are spell haste or mana preservation. mana preservation focii are relatively easy to come by. If you search the sticky's for spell haste you will find that they are a little more difficult to come by. healing foci (like Blessing of the Pious or Discordant Healing) and fire/ice foci are relatively common also. a detrimental extension is icing on the cake - not necessary. I question the benefit you would get from this focus; I think you'd get more bang for the buck somewhere else.

I push the spell haste since a lot of our casting times are a bit high. think about how many times you said, dam that heal was just about to land before you died!