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Wyre Wintermute
09-22-2006, 04:18 AM
100% WR bag. 8 slot GIANT wt .8 (WHITE!)

Icefall glacier NE corner

You say, "Hail, Kregnad!"

Kregnad says 'Why you hail Kregnad? You not get food from Kregnad, Kregnad need food to give to warriors. Kregnad give you food, then Kregnad become food! No food! You go! Come back if you have [food] to give to Kregnad!'

He has 3 tasks.
1 is stat food, 1 is a 1 shot sow potion, the other is:

Bear meat!

Kill 10 icefall bears
loot 4 icefall bear meat
turn in 4 icefall bear meat

Kregnad's Knapsack (

You need a bit of faction to do this quest, but I think it is no higher than apprehensive, just enough that he won't yell at you