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09-24-2006, 11:00 AM
I havn't seen it mentioned anywhere, but TSS actually fixed or at least partially addressed alot of long standing issues I've seen on these forums.

1: Teleporting

Teleporting has been shifted back into the forefront, due to the exp zones distance from the Blightfire Book. Our lines have been expanded to include TLs, and you will now see perferance to which porter you get. Druids bring a group / raid closer to Direwind / Ashengate and Wizards will bring those same people to closer to Icefall and beyond.

Nor or our portal spells sending us to the middle of a bridge on an alternate world, or the beach of a underground lake, EQ has seen the return of Druid Rings and Wizard Pyrmids for teleporting destinations.

2: Wolf / Tree Form

TSS has addressed long standing issues with a Druid going KOS in Wolf form. Now you will remain at your faction level regardless of being in Wolf Form or Not. Likewise, the Tree Illusion was moved to a more Gobal Model, and should be usuable in more locations.

3: Animal Faction & Charming

Recent changes made to charming makes charming more attractive. This is only futher enchanced by TSS's large array of animals which are actually tagged animals for charming. Likewise, the fact we're Druids comes into play, and a large selection of animals are not KoS to us like they are other classes.

4: Enchancement of Raid DPS

At the suggestion of druids in beta, Druids now have similar effects tied into our debuffs which increase Fire and Cold damage for anyone attacking the mob in question. These effects stack with our Epic Effects, and futher increase the importance of debuffing on raids.

5: Group Curing

This did not go backward to include Poison/Disease and Curses, but Sony has apparently learned that we are expected to cure on raids, and given us a Group Cure for their new effect of Corruption.

6: Quick Healing

The Devs finally saw the need for a quicker heal in our spell lineup for upper end content. While this may come later then what most people want, We now have a 1.8 second cast spell with the chance to proc a Vie which would help us get the situation under control.


09-25-2006, 07:10 AM
overall i love the new expansion =)