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10-02-2006, 05:45 PM
Howdy all...

I have a 35ish druid (34 and change), and I think I'm going to keep it as my main toon (my original toon and main is a 50 necro from 1999 - sad, I know, but I'm just a casual player). I have really enjoyed the high 20s and low 30s as a druid, so I think I might play this one more.

At any rate, I am looking for some decent gear. Currently, I just have some easy buys from bazaar, totaling about 205 wisdom. Some of that gear will increase as I get closer to the recommended levels, but I don't think they will bump the 255 mark. I did the quest for the Earring of the Solstice, and I have loved that upgrade. I am now looking for some more quests I can do before I get to 50ish that would give me some better gear. Certainly, major gear upgrades occur when the Planes and other higher zones are accessible. But surely there's something out there I can do from 35-50 (like the Earring of the Solstice) that could upgrade my gear. I am thinking about camping the gobby in Dagnor's for the totem and the belt (as recommended in one of the stickies). What else could I try?

Thanks in advance for all the useful ideas!

Darmina Burana
Erollisi Marr

OH!! And P.S.... If anyone knows of a good EMarr guild I could join for when I "grow up" and can start going on raids, please let me know! I'm looking for a gang of older folks (working stiffs - I'm a lawyer) and other adult types, instead of trying to meet up with the younger crowd who stay up till 4 in the morning.

10-02-2006, 10:21 PM
Don't even try for the Gobby in Dagnors Cauldron. I spent over 100 real life hours camping it years ago and I never saw it once.
Best bet is to leech off guild members or buy plat on ebay.

10-03-2006, 06:45 AM
check out ( for a guild. I think they might be what you are looking for. If interested you can contact me (Daghda) or my guild leader Curehart.

10-04-2006, 09:14 AM
Believe it or not, some of the newbie quests in Crescent Reach are pretty nice :) I got hp/mana augments, a 12/20 staff (don't think it was druid-usable though), armor with regen and mana regen on it, and some other pretty cool stuff. They are pretty fun, although a few quests appear to be broken, surprise, surprise. Be warned that a few of the mobs are quite surprising--such as Duskfall, who was level 33 and hit me for 225. He is snarable, though, as he found out to his peril!

Right now I have 3 hp regen and 5 mana regen at level 35 doing only these quests--I do love the mana regen a lot!

10-04-2006, 02:57 PM
I must report that, as of 12:05 am Thurs morning (midnight Wed. night), I found and killed Bilge Farfathom. He did not have the totem, but he did drop the reed belt, which is useful to me at 35ish (Burning Affliction 2 for long term dmg spells). I'm heading back there tonight to see if I can catch him again and get the totem.


EDIT - It occurs to me that by staying up till midnight last night, I contradicted my first post in this thread regarding my desire to find a guild that doesn't stay up till 4 in the morning... I acknowledge the contradiction and revise my earlier statement to reflect that I would like to find a guild that doesn't stay up till 4 in the morning OFTEN. LOL!

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Have you done this?

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