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10-03-2006, 02:54 PM
Found this write up over at the Shaman's Crucible (

The reward is an ammo slot item that has a +700hp symbol click (comparable to L54 Cleric Symbol spell). Great for soloing or if you are grouped without a cleric/paladin.

Task: Duskmold
Zone: The Steppes
Task Giver: Priest Ulkag (NW part of zone up on a cliff)
Reward: Orb of Duskmold - cler symbol line +700 hp clicky buff

Priest Ulkag asks you to head to Mines of Vergalid and find ancient ruins where you should gather 2x doomshrieker and 2x twittering (sp) mushrooms.

Firt you need to get a key to get access to lower area. Kill trash till you get Arid Indicolite Shard. It's a random trash drop but not too rare, more like uncommon.

When you have the temporary crystal go to room with a blue crystal in the center and stone sestinels standing around it (Shrine of Zek). Stand right next to the crystal and click the temporary crystal you got. It should turn the temporary key into a real key : Flawless Indicolite Shard. Don't worry about mobs if you're at ceter they shouldn't aggro .

Next head to the statue on the opposite side from where you came in crystal room and click on the statue. It ports you to the other side leading deeper down. I think everyone in group needs to have their own key to click trough but you can drag/rezz trough to the other side.

Head down to get the task update. It's a large room with planty of mobs and twittering mushrooms scatered around. The mushrooms con dark blue and regen cloe to 6% a tick. There's plenty of ways handle it from here on depending of the group setup.

After you have your twittering mushrooms you have to get even deeper down trought the spiral with lots or see invis mobs in between down all the way to a large room where Vergalid the dragon is. Once there you're safe there's nothing but doomshrieker mushrooms and non aggro version Vergalid the dragon. Doomshieker mushroom's don't allways drop when you kill em but there's a healty ammounts down there. Get your doomshieker mushrooms.

With all mushrooms gathered return to Priest Ulkag in Steppes, hand in.
Orb of Duskmold (
Slot: AMMO
Charges: Unlimited
Recommended level of 60. Required level of 53.
Effect: Symbol of Vitality ( (Any Slot/Can Equip, Casting Time: 2.0) at Level 60
Recast Delay: 5 seconds, Recast Type: -1
WT: 0.6 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

3: Increase Max Hitpoints by 700
1hr 3min duration

10-04-2006, 10:29 AM
It took my group 40 minutes of slaughtering to get 1 key to drop.

Give serious consideration to the rez and drag thru the door when you agther a group to work on this.

10-04-2006, 02:53 PM
According to Lucy, this clicky is self only.

10-04-2006, 03:49 PM
You need to have a rezzer keyed, you can drag corpses thru the door and rez on other side

10-04-2006, 06:19 PM
You need to have a rezzer keyed, you can drag corpses thru the door and rez on other side

Or a druid with Call of The Wild keyed who can CoTW an unkeyed rezzer.

10-05-2006, 03:27 AM
Watch out for the wandering Drakkin that comes up the path on the other side. I finished this quest a few days ago. Unless your a necro you'll most likely need a sold group to venture into the inner Vergalid zone.

And the click is Self Only.

10-05-2006, 10:10 AM
I just parked it with spore spiral while we rezzed up. I completed the quest with a monk and a shaman. I drug them thru rezzed the shaman and she rezzed the monk.

Got a little spotty at times trying to egt thru the mess of mobs. And some of the named where i bit closer than i liek but we did it just fine. As an aside I was getting 10% AAxp a kill which was really nice.

10-07-2006, 08:24 PM
Just solo'd this quest as a lv 71 druid..for those wanting this task it IS solo-able..its just not very easy and you can expect to die a few times as you learn the layout and position of the mobs.

as a level 71 druid i have around 7500 hp self buffed and abt 8500 mana with kei..mostly DoN GM cultural gear and DoD mixed any can tell you i am not Raid geared by far and i dont even rank in the top 100 druids on the bertox server..however i do have quite a few aa..908 at the time of this posting..but probably 200 - 400 of it was never used in this task at all (i.e...healing aa..never once needed to heal..damage mitigation and avoidance..i never got hit..etc..) if u have around 300 - 500 aa and a good portion is spent on damage related aa (u will need to have good dps) then there is a chance u can win.

i will list the needed steps and my personal experiences in doing them so any reading this can learn from how i did it.

1. you will need a key to get to the lower levels of the mine. ive seen 3 keys drop but mins came from the various orc/goblin miners/slaves that dig in the tunnels.
ive seen alot of ppl complain that they only see 1 key drop in 3 or 4
hours but let me remind you that this key is PERMANENT; the item you need from the mobs is a arid inicolite shard..its a temporary no-rent item but dont be confused..this isnt the real key..think of it as a pre-flag..after u get the arid shard take it to the crystal room with all the golems and stand next to crystal..right click the shard..and u will get your real key..a flawless indicolite shard..which u keep forever. you can come and go as u please. in old school EQ i spent WEEKS camping the key to AD lair..and MONTHS campin the parts for the various alternate acess quests..and i can bet there are alot of veterans out there who can relate similar experiences in camping various keys/ in my opinion this isnt too bad a camp as a key..and if u take the advice of others and take the kill/drag/rez approach what if a good friend asks for help? do u really want to spend time hunting for a keyed person who has free time and die/rez through everytime you help a friend? or what if you are an officer of a guild and want to help guildies? i have helped 4 guildies get this so far and im glad i didnt need to die everytime i wanted to go through the door.
if you are camping this key solo then you will need a pull spot and a reliable snare/root method (i like the lv 61 or 62 mire thorns snare from DoN and the spore spiral as a root from DoD as they are hard to resist) if you dont have these then id bring a friend along as dps because u will see alot of resisted snare/root spells and you will need to kill em fast.
as a pull location they are rare and few..and the mobs plentiful with a huge assist radius; but if you turn right after u take the elevator down and follow the path till you get to the caiman cave (crocodiles and tortises mostly) right where the digging slaves end and the caimans begin there is a ledge to you left that leads upwards to a crystal formation..this was my pull spot. i camped right near the crystal and pulled the 5 digging slaves there(with the new mana regen system i had no problem killing 5 b4 respawn) 2 are easy sinle pulls but there are 3 digging together against the far wall and if u try pull u will get all 3..personally i evac pulled with snare (snare the mob u need..wait till he gets a few feet..then evac..a snared mob wont return to his spawn till snare is gone..but his friends do..simply repeat till u get them separated) if u dont want this approach then pull the 2 singles and wait till respawn. This might take awile depending on toon setup/gear/aa/dps/level of various ppl so i reccomend just ask a friend to help u camp the key if able..but it is possible to solo.
Depending on kill speed we have seen about 1 key drop every 120 kills or so..thats us killing about 25 - 30 per hour and abt 5 hours of killing. you can judge for yourself how many you have killed and eventually if your patient you will get your key.

2. after you have your key its time to get your twittering mushroom drops..go to the crystal the temporary key for the permanent one..and click the statue on the east wall. follow the path down to the cave opening where undead mobs stand guard and a huge statue patrolls..and if u position yourself close to the undead mob without agroing and stand on left side of cave..look to the should see a few legion guys and a fallen pillar of sorts right next to a twittering mushroom..if u hug the right side of the cave opening and run towards the fallen pillar you can avoid agro on the undead.
by now your task should update for the locate the cavern portion..get close to the twittering mushroom u see..its not safe to attack it there are still too many mobs here..u should see a loong pillar on its side right in front of you when u turn and look south-ish. climb up it till u are standing on it. if u are in right spot you will see undead mobs on your right..undead mobs on your left (it might not be south..but u will know if u are in right spot) there is a lane right down the middle (a sweet spot) you will see a small gap between various pillars/ruined structures ( just measure a streight line between the undeads on both sides..u will know what i mean) u can run all the way down...through the gap and keep running till u hit a wall with various slimes/blobs around and u wont get agro if u dont stop.
facing the wall turn right..hug the wall and u will see a short ruined pillar..squeeze between the gap between the pillar and wall..hug the wall till u get to another pillar..but u need step carefullythere is a small pond here and serveral undead sentries (camo does not work on undead) squeeze through the gap again between the wall and the pillar but u need to be fast..immediately hug the left wall and run left till u get in a small alcove of sorts..hug the wall and u will reach a small room that leads to the ramp that leads up to a huge pit filledz with TONZ of mobs..mixed undead and living side by side. after u get to the small area ( i call it a its not really a room) run up the ramp and u will see a single twittering mushroom all by its lonesome with no guards anywhere near and only 1 roamer that patrols the ramp will give u hassle. he is snareable/rootable and u even have a small amount of run room..there are 2 ways to do this..either kill him or time his patrolls till he goes to the extreme end of his patrols and then unload all the dps u have on the mushroom..and i mean all the dps u can possibly manage..they have around 50k hp and a crazy regen rate (if u didnt kill the guard somtimes he stays at pond for over 1 minute at a time..u might get interupted a time or two but u can innate camo/invis up as he passes and u will be fine..he wont assist the mushroom. the mushroom will not fight back..they are totally passive that are just there to be thumped on. personally i opened with 5 of my best dots then used my cold based rain spell then dd/dd/ the time i casted my 3rd dd i used rain again..refreshed dots that wore..and rained again..dd/dd/dd..and so on till he dead. u will need around 8k mana or u run the risk of running out of mana. once he is dead loot your pretty sure the twittering ones drop everytime but i might be wrong. rinse and repeat till u get 2 mushrooms.alternately u can try snare the out into the pit chamber and then use exodus to escape..then u will have 14 mins till snare is gone to go bak and kill the mushroom..i didnt try this but i guess its possible...there are 2 mobs that can be here as i remember..a necro mob and a healer..the necro was a pushover but the healer is a real pain to solo..just need to keep him rooted and run him out of mana b4 he runs u out of

3. you need your doomshriek mushrooms..u will need a invis vs undead potion for this..called a philter of unlife awareness. run up ramp untill u see the chamber and the undead at the entrance guarding it..use invis vs undead but dont run in because there are living mobs there too..look to your right and u will see another ramp going up along up that till u safely above the mobs ( by now u should be on the eastern ledge..u need to get to a similar ledge on the north wall..simply run as far up as can go..then hug the wall and run to the small plateau on the northeastern part of to top of plateau and look for the northern ledge. once u find it run over there and once u on the ledge look down..position yourself about in the middle of the side of the pit your on and gather your courage!
u dont need undead invis anymore..invis yourself or click innate camo if u have it and once u ready face due south and run off towards the far south end of pit close to the mobs there..u need to run for abt 3 seconds but stop b4 u reach their agro radius and immediately face north..u should be in the center of pit and slow falling down but make sure you dont hit bottom as it means instant death..u WILL die.
slow fall around 5 seconds or so ( u need to have FoE, SoE, or some form of lev) right before u hit bottom on the north side of pit is a ledge and a will see a rather large crystal formation at the entrance to the tunnel..once u have falled far enough to clear the ledges and mobs above the tunnel u need run forward towards the tunnel..u will see alot of mobs there but dont worry..most of em cant see through camo..theres only 1 undead mob that can see you and hes on the far left side of tunnel as u run in HUG the wall to the right and run fast as u can and u can avoid agro. keep running and u are now in the "safe zone". there are no mobs in this tunnel or the room beyond. only verigald the dragon and even tho he /cons as scowling..ready to attack he is non agro. the chamber beyond the tunnel is a huge cavern with a pond and LOTS of doomshriek mushrooms..simply nuke till your hearts content or till you get your loots.they dont fight back and are abt the same as the other mushrooms. if u by chance get agro at the entrance of the tunnel u can run into here and try and kite them (its a HUGE room with no mobs in it) im not sure if they snareable/rootable cause i never tried but if they arent simply put enough distance between you and them for an back here and try again till you get the hang of it and manage to slip into the room unnoticed. these mushrooms dont always drop what u need but there are lots here and no danger so use the same strategy u used to kill the other mushrooms and nuke away..hehe.

i suppose this same strategy can work for other classes as well as long as they have the dps to overload the mushrooms regen and can either handle the roamer up top on the 1st mushroom or kill fast enough while he is away...but expect to die alot and bring a gate potion or u will need to commit suicide to get out once u are done..and once u have the loots simply return to that ulkag dude for a free cleric symbol clicky..=)

even if your a druid expect to die serveral times doing this as you learn the location and placement of this zone..but in my opinion this is easily worth a few deaths ..a free +700 hp symbol for those times when u cant find a cleric/pally or maybe u find youself as a healer (druid) of a group and symbol wears off ( the best symbol only lasts 2 hrs and my avrg grp lasts around 4 so i always find myself losing symbol halfway through and since im usually the healer in my group there isnt usually som1 that can symbol me.

hope sombody finds this helpful as i wrote this so sombody might use it as a Guide..and as always remember..people only Fear that which they dont know or understand.

10-07-2006, 10:59 PM
gonna edit my first post a bit..i know alot of ppl wont have thier far clip plane all the way up and wont see very well and i dont want to get anyone killed unnecicarily. the fall from the cliff in the pit room is probably more like 10 seconds..just keep an eye open for that crystal formation thats the landmark for the tunnel

10-08-2006, 12:23 AM
The mushrooms don't appear to regen significantly as long as they are engaged. I have been able to solo doomshriek mushrooms with each of the following (individually):

* A 75 druid
* A 73-ish cleric
* A shrouded 70 rogue
* A 63 beastlord

By the way, the mushrooms don't give much (if any) experience, even though you get an exp message. :P

10-08-2006, 10:03 PM
Anyone have a loc for the quest giver? I've checked tracking in the NW corner but can never spot the priest

10-08-2006, 10:27 PM
The mob is not trackable (he's an object, apparently). Look in the northwest part of the zone, along the north wall.

10-10-2006, 08:44 AM
It took my group 40 minutes of slaughtering to get 1 key to drop.

Give serious consideration to the rez and drag thru the door when you agther a group to work on this.

It may be well worth your time to slaughter the mobs that drop the keys, they seem to drop spells (mostly lvl 73) quite frequently. One mob actually dropped 4 spells. I think in the time it took my group to get 4 keys, we got 8 spells. Druid in my group was very happy to get Adreneline Surge and one of his nukes.


10-10-2006, 05:22 PM
we got 0 spells while there....

10-11-2006, 12:12 AM
Just finished this as well yesterday. We got quite a bit of spells there also, 2 pally, 2 wizard and 1 cleric, 2 mage and 1 SK one iirc. Experiance was pretty decent there as well for AA and our SK tank went from lvl 74 to 75. Wish I was lucky enough to get AS there tho! :( hehe

10-11-2006, 05:50 PM
Experiance was pretty decent there as well for AA and our SK tank went from lvl 74 to 75

Id say 16 AA in 3 hours is better than decent exp. Thats without lesson. The ramp is probably the best exp in game with very little risk with a decent group.

10-12-2006, 04:46 PM
Adding to first post about solo tactics, twittering mushroom in first room is best bet.

At first big room after tunnel down, there is one mushroom. Stay wih your back against pillar out of los of the 2 closest mobs (one infront, one behind) and he is soloable by dots/nukes with no adds. Staying out of sight is the key....

10-14-2006, 06:01 PM
There is a lone Doomshriek Mushroom above the pit. There is no need to float down into the actual pit. When you go into the room go left and you will see a Doomshriek Mushroom with 3 undead mobs around it. Leave that alone. Turn back towards archway you went through and you will see a ramp that takes you to the top of the archway. There is a cluster of green crystals with 2 "a spawn of Vergalid" below it. Regular invis gets you by the 2 mobs. Once you go above them there is a lone mushroom there. Just stay above it and out of line of sight of the 2 drakes and its easy to kill.

10-15-2006, 02:32 AM
its not that the mushrooms at the bottom of the pit are the only ones available but seeing as ive done this task 6 times now for various alts/guildies somtimes i kill 2 or 3 doomshrieks and dont see the drop i need..if u consider the 20 min respawn and the apparent drop rate of the loot you might be there awile if u only camp a single doomshriek. if u follow the advice in this thread you can get to the room at the bottom of the pit without dying where there are lots of doomshrieks..but for some ppl if you cant see very well because of video card issues requiring far clip plane to be low then this seems to be a good alternative.

10-16-2006, 09:57 AM
I just wanted to say thank you Elric....I followed this strat to the T and got there np....I have gotten many guildie/friends this need to get it for my 66 rogue >.<...guess I will have to get a group going with him for a key....

10-16-2006, 07:38 PM
You can CoH past the keyed area as well.

(I love being married to a mage)

Also, not sure if this was mentioned in the original post, but meleeing the mushrooms will stop the regen. This helped me a great deal.

10-17-2006, 03:29 AM
Great guide Elric!

That was the most fun I've had since trying to run across Dreadlands at level 24 :clap: .

Getting to Vergilad's lair at the bottom of the pit was great fun and is soloable using the guide. I had one 75 level Bard song drop (the resist Corruption song) while killing the Miners for the Shard.

I had to kill 11 DoomShrieks before the first drop - and just like the SoE RNG, got the second on the next MoB.

I put the Vines debuff and Icebreath, then just alternated Cloudburst -> Winter's Flame -> Winter's Flame, repeat. Didn't even bother with DoT. The DPS from nukes is enough to kill with 50% mana left.

Marklar Thistleblade
11-05-2006, 03:53 PM
Nice item. Thanks for the strat.

I got mine!

11-14-2006, 10:09 AM
I got my key and teleported down to the deep part of the mines but my quest didn't update. Do I need to go further down to get the update? I only went in about 100 steps or so. Thanks.


11-14-2006, 02:16 PM
If I remember right, you need to go to the spot where the tunnel opens up into a larger room (right around where the first undead mob is).

11-14-2006, 02:43 PM
Hey Pala!

Thanks. I may pick your brain a bit in-game about the best way of getting da mushroom stuff. Thanks again bro!


11-30-2006, 05:19 PM
Duo'd with a Necro who had the key. Elric's guide, while extremely hard to read, is accurate, so thanks for the guide, could not have done it so fast without it... Hour and a half with some extended AFKs and two rezzes. I've promised myself to rewrite it so it's easier to follow.

Load Boo Boo and let them kill the shrooms while you stay invis, or get out of line of sight and Dot them, then re invis. Worked wonders for us. We killed nothing but the shrooms.

I died twice getting caught by Undead. Best things about doing this with a necro... He can rez, invis to undead and has uber pet. Thanks again.

12-05-2006, 10:51 AM
Another way to do this is in reg group kill the 3 shrooms by the entrance, the one in the hall and then the two to the left after the opening.

The second part of this I had trouble with, so we tried in rogue form. Worked like a charm, just get buffed good and a TL ( to save on running) take a few haste potions and healing potions with ya, cause the shrooms tend to hit back sometimes. But you can run right down the ledge the whole way to the bottom in rogue form. If ya have a few people with ya they dont last long, and it is kind of fun. Just watch your hitpoints.

Also found you can get close to big guy at the bottom as long as you dont touch him you should be fine. There is about 6 or more down there with nothing around that you can kill. And by the time you get back to the first one you killed there is about 3 mins till it respawns.

Also remember "line of sight" is the rule here, as long as they are not looking at you, you should be fine.

75th Level Druid

12-05-2006, 11:31 AM
Also found you can get close to big guy at the bottom as long as you dont touch him you should be fine.

If you mean Vergalid you can go piss on him and he won't do anything. He is inactive. He is just there for sightseeing until you get the instance to kill him.