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10-06-2006, 02:02 PM
I came back into the game recently and have made some basic purchases to help me level. I've been focusing on my epic and leveling (up to 55 now) but since all I have left is the seahorse in KK I thought I'd devote myself to getting where I need to be gear wise. Thus any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

About me to help get appropriate gear suggestions. I solo mostly, but play enough were I can group. As far as I remember and can see in my inventory I have no key and no PoP flags. I don't own Ro or TSS expansions. Money isn't much of an object to the point where I'll buy something if I have to (like DoN crystals and such), but I do like to get things myself if I can.

My current plan was to hit 58 and get the next level of DoN gear, but I just wanted to see if there are any must haves. Augmentation suggestions would be great too as I left the game before those even came out and only have one. Thanks.

Here's a link to my magleo profile for reference

10-06-2006, 03:06 PM
haha - trying to test my memory! At first glance, you're doing pretty well. the lavastorm ring and necklace coupled with some Omens drops (scarred browband and veil of the long ages). these drops are droppable/attunable so you may be able to purchase them for cheap even though you are unable to hunt in them.

Would've suggested ornate leather boots pattern for 'Wanderer's Sylvan Boots' (mana preservation IV), but I see you have that focus on your shield. so for boots, look for Soles of the Wallwalker ( from Wall of Slaughter.

ear - earring of oppression (to go along with your holy ferver one) or the earring of the solstice (quest)

I have this stuff in a bookmark or a file. Let me find it and I'll update this post.

wrists - either sleeves of constriction or corroded girplan wristguards
chest - hardened sludge tunic
primary - delightful orb of forgotten magic? or copper hammer of striking? not a huge deal to upgrade. these are the only ones that I can remember that have decent +hp/mana.

I would have an alt parked in the bazaar (or port there) once a night and check for items, based on hp and see what floats to the top . there can be some real good deals if you are patient enough.

also suggest hunting in the current hotspots or exploring the latest TSS zones to see what they are dropping.