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10-13-2006, 12:54 PM
Howdy All,

I'm at work and was checking out my gear on EQ Characters and started thinking that in a few more levels, many of my focus items are going to wear out their usefullness.

I don't have a Magelo's account so I can't link these things but I'll give a brief rundown:

Rotting Murkglider Drape-Mana Pres. III-Will last till 60
Grey Flesh Gloves-Affliction Efficiency II
Kobold Hide Boots-Buring Affliction II
Moonstone Ring-Extended Range II

And also at level 45 (iirc) Ill be able to trade out my Acrylia Sleeves for Elder Spiritist's Vambraces-Clicky Drones of Doom.

I also have a shield (forget name) that has Mana Pres. III that I could replace the Drape with if there is a better cloak type item I should be wearing.

My questions are:

1) Are these the types of focus effects that I should invest in going up to the next rank in?
2) Any suggestions for something else to work on?
3) Is it worth giving up the AC and Stat+ for the clicky Drones? How long will this be effective before I should upgrade the sleeves?

I know there is much more out there but I mostly solo (not by choice) and purchase in bazaar.

Thanks for any info.

10-16-2006, 02:12 PM
Mushroom Cap Gloves are great because of the Spell Haste III; it's saved my life many times when charm kiting and quad kiting. I highly recommend picking up a pair.

11-09-2006, 07:36 AM
Glowing stone of Expulsion going for about 11k on CT bazaar...huge range upgrade, +2 to regen and a 25% magic (dot or nuke) focus that works up to 70

11-27-2006, 06:51 PM
Thanks so much for the response...just a little update since last post:

At last post I had the following:

Gray Flesh Gloves: Spell Haste II (losing its usefullness)
Kobold-hide Boots: Burning Affliction II (same)
Moonstone Ring: Estended Range II (and again)
Rotting Murkglider Drape: Mana Pres III (good for a while)

I was able to pick up a few beauties since the last post:

Dromrek Bracelet: Spell Haste IV (will last a while)
Grotesque Veil: Improved Damage III (good for a bit)
Golem Essence Necklace: Improved Healing III (my favorite since I got this myself in CoM)

And I also have Shield of the Mist: Mana Pres III which could be traded out if I can find a better cloak.

Any suggestions on how to upgrade the level II items and or something I'm missing that I definantly should have would be greatly appreciated.