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10-15-2006, 10:47 AM
Terror Australis is an Australian based raiding guild on The Rathe, and we are currently looking for more raiding druids to join the team. TA is a fairly easy going raiding guild, and we raid 3 nights a week. Although attendance is not mandatory it is expected that people are available to raid on the specified nights, which are Sunday, Tuesday and Friday nights from 20:00 to midnight Australian Eastern Time (Sydney/Melbourne).

The majority of TA members are either Australian or New Zealanders with a smattering of people from other time zones that fit in with our raiding times, and as such we have a fairly laid back and relaxed attitude to raiding and playing the game. Raiding players need to be level 70 (working towards level 75), have at least 200 AA's and own all current game expansions. AA requirements are not set hard and fast and each applicant will be treated individually.

Currently we are farming GoD (Tunat defeated), Anguish (all but OMM defeated), still trying to work out Vishimtar as well as working our way through DoD, PoR and TSS targets. The only major keying that is required are Anguish signets, although the more keys you have the better.

New members must serve a probationary period to ensure that both parties are happy with each other.

Our major focus as a guild is not to win phat lewts or be the highest rating on the 'big killers' list. Our focus is to explore the world of Norrath, work as a team to take out raid targets and most of all to have fun doing so. All raid drops are auctioned and we use a modified DKP system based on attendance for bidding on these drops.

For more information you can visit our website (, or contact myself (zyloxar) and I can put you onto the right people for further discussions.


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I agree with Zylo :)

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I still agree, mostly :)