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12-08-2006, 06:34 PM
Descendents is always interested in adding talented, dedicated players to our roster.

We are a high-end PST raiding guild on the Saryrn Everquest server. Our current raid targets include TSS, Deathknell and Demiplane of Blood.

The key things we expect from our guildmates are maturity, team spirit, the drive to succeed, promptness, attentiveness and the ability to play within our scheduled raid times.

Our scheduled raid times are Tuesday 7-11pm PST, Thursday 7-11pm PST, and Sunday 6-11pm PST. These times were chosen to enable people on the West Coast with day jobs and active lives to participate. We raid fewer days per week than other EQ raiding guilds at our level, so regular attendance is absolutely vital to our success.

If you cannot participate in all of our events in their entirety, Descendents is not for you.

Current requirements for joining are: Level 75 with 500 or more TOTAL AA points. (Please note: typical applicants have more than 500 AA, and the current average for members is approximately 1100 AA.) Applicants are also expected to be keyed/flagged for Dreadspire and Theater of Blood.

Please recognize that Descendents is highly selective, and we take the application and temp process very seriously. The quality and legibility of an application, responses to questions on the application and conduct during the temp period carry great weight. Our continuing goal is to experience and enjoy the end game of Everquest with people who will make it worthwhile.

Ultimately this is a guild for active, highly skilled players, and our recruiting decisions will be made with the intention of enhancing our team's ability to win the battles we choose to fight. If this sounds like fun, please fill out an application in the Front Door forum at ( or contact Finista via PM or in game with any questions.
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12-11-2006, 03:00 AM
I had a brief experience with Descendents as my Necromancer, Arkaron, before real life forced me out of raiding guilds completely.

That being said, Descendents is a wonderful group of people who treated me fairly while I was on Saryrn. I wish I'd had the oppertunity to stay. If those times work for you, and you like to think of guild as 'sports team' slightly more than 'family' (although that element is present, as it is in all guilds) then this is a perfect guild for you.

I have yet to see a guild progress as well with such limited playtime, and it has everything to do with the level of focus and commitment of their players. Good luck with recruitment, Finista!