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01-03-2007, 10:36 AM
Immortalis Kruoris is looking for more people to join our ranks! We are a family guild on The Nameless (RIP Inny) that raids 3x per week, but encourage our members to put RL before EQ. We are ‘family’ in the sense that our guildies look out for each other and enjoy grouping together. We do require a RL age of 18+ because our guild chat tends to be adult oriented.

Currently we’re farming Theater of Blood, Circle of Drakes and Rikkukin among others. Epic 1.5’s and DoN Tier 4 are also being worked with Kessdona and MPG Trial Raids in the very near future.

We are looking for people that enjoy a challenge. Our typical raid force is in the mid 20’s with approximately 40 active members. While we are more interested in the person behind the keyboard than the toon itself, there does have to be a certain level of competency in playing your class and general EQ knowledge.

Applicants must be unguilded and not actively applying to other guilds during their app process with us. Our typical application period is between 2 to 6 weeks depending on how well you get to know our members, who each get to vote on new applicants. The guild is mostly East coast based, but we do have some members on Pacific time and in between.

Our raids start at 7:30PM Eastern Tuesday and Thursday and at 4PM Eastern on Saturday. The –only- requirement we have for raid attendance is if you are online when we are raiding, you must attend.

Universal Requirements:
- RL Age of 18+
- Level 70
- 100 AA's
- The ability to find a way to any zone from the PoK (without a port & without causing drama)
- A sense of humor and the ability to be teased
- A stable internet connection
- The ability to play for a decent amount of time without bailing on raids or going on extended AFK

If you’re interested in being more than just a blip on the raid tool, check us out at: (

02-22-2007, 04:31 PM
Just an update on IK:

Tier 4 DoN completed with our killing of Yar`Lir. Kess has also gotten used to "assuming the position" when she sees us coming along with Shyra. Trial of Hate has also been added to our list of killings.

We're always looking for down to earth folks who know how to have fun :)

02-28-2007, 01:59 PM
bump for my friends....these guys are really nice and very helpful....I don't like to raid but if you do and are on the Nameless look these guys up.