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01-04-2007, 12:42 PM
I'm trying to plan AAs (currently level 68 with 206 AAs). One thing that I haven't been able to find is a listing of which abilities are on the same timer and which ones are different. For example, Spirit of the Wood and Spirit of the Grove gray out at the same time, and there is thus no real reason to continue to use SotW when SotG is available. (I'd appreciate being corrected if this is not right). Before I invest in followup abilities, I'd like to know which of them are truly distinct (in the sense that I could chain click them if required) - I do know that it is possible to have different effects that share a common timer.

So, with that preface, is it correct that the following families of abilities share timers?
It would be handy to have this in one place, and I'll say up front that I'm asking a question about the 70+ effects rather than providing an answer...

Instant Heal Over Time (15 minute timer):
Spirit of the Wood, Spirit of the Grove, Spirit of the Ancient Grove (group heals);
Convergence of Spirits, Gathering of Spirits (single target heal)

Area of Effect Heal (30 minute timer):
Nature's Boon, Boon of the Forest, Nature's Blessing

Group Cure (3 minute timer):
Radiant Cure, Resplendent Cure, Resplendant Cascade

Pet Summon (22 minute timer):
Nature's Guardian, Icefall Bear

Abilities that have their own timers:

Wrath of the Wild (one shot DS 4 minute timer)
Silent Casting (spell aggro reducer 36 minute timer)
Mass Group Buff (area group buff 72 minute timer)
Dire Charm (permacharm level 46 or lower animal 72 minute timer)
Exodus (instant evas 72 minute timer)
Call of the Wild (call corpse 10 minute timer)
EDIT: Innate Camoflage (instant self invis), Group Camoflage (group self invis), share 7 second timer
Origin (port to home city 72 minute timer)
Secondary Recall (port to location set with stone/marking 10 minute timer)
Spirit of the White Wolf (Cuddly mana-conserving form 10 minute timer)

Final question: other than the single vs. group heals, is there any reason to use the lower forms rather than the higher forms of abilities that share a common timer?
e.g. is it ever better to use SotW when you have SotG, or Radiant Cure if you have Resplendant Cure?

01-04-2007, 01:33 PM
Innate Camoflage (instant self invis)
Group Camoflage (instant group invis 7 minute timer)
These are on same timer with a 7 second reuse

01-05-2007, 12:56 AM
Should always use the highest verison of the AA in question imo, there is no advantange in using the lesser one.

01-05-2007, 02:08 AM
Well, that's not quite true for innate camo vs shared camo. For example, there may be rare circumstances where you want to invis yourself but not get added to the hate list that someone in your group is on. Or, maybe you want to invis yourself to go pull while someone in your group has a charmed pet.

That's why I keep both innate camo and shared camo hotkeyed, even though 99% of the time I just use shared camo.

01-05-2007, 09:49 AM
I charm with a chanty friend, and like Pal said, sometimes I want both of us invised to drop charms and some times just myself