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01-20-2007, 01:53 PM
I decided to reorganize my spell book (did we get more spell book pages after last patch?) after too long. It took hours, lol. I thought I'd try to get used to the spell drop down list method. In doing this I came accross some issues.

I see that SOME of the spells are colored differently within their list so you can tell the difference between say the group movement spells and the single target ones and the self only. All well and good. At least for those that are colored differently. Not all are... and some are colored wrong. At least I think so. I'm sure we all would choose different ways to break up the spell lists and colors if we could choose (you know how us druids can't agree on much). But I still think there could be some agreeable changes.
- Careless Lightning is wrong color
- Karana's Rage and fist of Karana need diff Icons than other AE and lighting spells
- Resist Debuffs are all same color. It would be nice to have fire, cold and possibly the diff type of fire colored differently.
- The util/detremental/animal spells need different colors
I hope none of this is due to my UI but I guess that's possible.

And to re-edgumacate myself on the fire debuffs....
We have:
- fire and AC debuffs (Ro's Firey and Ro's Smoldering)
- Attack and AC debuffs (Fix of Ro, Ro's Ill and Suns Corona)
- Attack, fire and AC debuffs (Hand of Ro)
- and the fire debuffs with a DoT
Now which ones stack and which ones stack with other druids? Like the DoT/fire debuff will stach the DoT but not the fire debuff. And the same spell cast by two druids wont stack or highr level spells will just overwrite the lower.

Now Hand or Ro is the 1st and best. Now I think I can add Suns Corona. And then any DoT/Debuff like our new blistering Sunray.

So the fire/AC Ro's are just no use any more correct?

I think all these debuffs need to be colored differently and possibly need to be in some kind of seperate lists.

01-24-2007, 03:49 PM
To answer the debuffs question:

Stack Hand of Ro, Sun's Corona & Fixation of Ro for the best Atk debuff combo.

Add Immolation/Blistering Sunray for further Fire/AC debuff.

Stack Eci's Frosty breath for Cold debuff & AC debuff, or Icefall Breath for Cold debuff & powerup to subsequent cold nukes.