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Good Dourden
02-13-2007, 02:12 AM
Momentum is recruting~ Do you have what it takes?
Momentum on Maelyn Starpyre is looking for 4+ Clerics,1-2 ench, and 1druids that can maintain 70%+ raid attendance.
Recruting is also open for all Classes.
Momentum's goal is to advance as a tightly nit team.
New targets and encounters are expected on a regular basis.
As we continuously progress through new content we will overcome many challenging obstacles.
All of our members are expected to play at their very best at all times and work as a team.
We want to see end-game content, but there will be many hurdles faced while getting there.
Our top priority is to have FUN.
When the day comes that it is laborious to log on, we will re-evaluate our position and change our goal so that it is fun again.
Our raid schedule is as fellow:
Day 1 west/north/east AG
Day 2 FC2 (Sleepless Guard, Wulfnor, Fridlief, Harfange, Beltron the Shade King
Day 3to5 TBS
We raid 7 days a week with a random night off every 2 weeks.
From 6PM to 11PM CST
We do pick up raid on a regular basis, before and after raid that every members are welcome to join in.
Epic 1.0 and 1.5 and 600/800+ AAs are required for clerics and up to 1k AAs for some class
Our website ~
Goodurden - Guild Leader of Momentum