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02-22-2007, 09:22 AM
Hi all,

I have been playing EQ for years, and leveled a druid a long long time ago to level 64. Since that time I have played a beastlord to 70, a shaman to 65, and now a mage to 58.

I have reactivated my old druid account and I must have sold all his gear at that time. He has nothing, except Captive Sandals and some Ring.

I have about 25k I could spend on him, but would like some help on how to go about this. My first thought was to buy DON crystals and buy the 63-70 gear there, but 25k wont go very far. I calculated each piece of DON armor will cost me 6k - 9k for each piece (crystals sell for 50p on my server)

I was curious if I could look for something cheaper/good enough in bazaar. I tried last night, but there are so many things for sale it was overwhelming.

Should I search by slot, then by Mana, or HP??

I am planning on 2 boxing with my Mage, he is 58 now and I just upgraded him into 75% DON armor. I doubt there is anything attainable with my duo that is worth the trip/effort, but hoping some of you have some great ideas on how to find the bargins, or perhaps fight in places that allow me to level and perhaps pickup pieces to quest armor or something.

I am coming back from a 1 year break as well, so the POR, TSS and TBS are all zones I have not even entered yet.

I will keep reading this forum for ideas, but thought I would post my own for help.

Thanks all

02-22-2007, 01:38 PM
get the items in bazaar the drop from sunder rock and steppes to hold you over.

sunderspring belt, spirit mantle and direwrought mask, there are direwrought sleeves I bought for friend for 800pp which gives you 175hp/mana ....mineral crusted hood from sunder.

These are all required 63 and recommended 70 and ALL give hps and mana so you don't have to choose....there is earring from griegs has ft 3 I believe on also might think of doing the 45 quests for armor to "hold" you over.

Don is nice but not if your straight up buying crystals unless you have LOTS of pp.

could always pick up items for solstice earring too....I was so excited at getting my first FT item and now I have about 25 more ft then I can use.

02-22-2007, 06:50 PM
If you don't wanna be naked and spend no money, you can also just grab a spot in a Dain 1 MM, gives you shield and ring and the start of the augment quest, if you can stand doing the Monster Missions. <a href="">"Quest" Writeup</A>. Just go to Icewell Keep and let people know you are looking for a spot in a mission.

02-23-2007, 11:22 AM
Absolutely, monster missions and more monster missions.

Spend no platz, and play naked no problem!

btw I personally despise MMs, but hey thats me ~