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Chandon MT
02-27-2007, 01:14 PM
Hello fellow Druids,

Reviction, a higher-end raiding guild on Erollisi Marr, is currently looking to add a few high playtime characters to our roster. Basic raiding experience needed as well as a strong class knowledge. Class needs are listed below.

Bard: High
Beastlord: Very Low
Berserker: High
Cleric: High
Druid: Moderate
Enchanter: Low
agician: Moderate
onk: Moderate
Necromancer: Low
Paladin: Moderate
Ranger: Moderate
Rogue: Low
Shadowknight: Moderate
Shaman: High
Warrior: Moderate
Wizard: Moderate

Reviction Raids:

We have been spending most of our time farming Demi-Plane of Blood and Deathknell, while also working on TSS progression. Our main focus is on Ashengate, with Stitch on farm mode and Sothgar soon to follow. We have also started on Frostcrypt as well, but it remains a secondary focus at the moment.

Raid Days:

Reviction currently raids 6 nights a week, Sunday-Friday from 7-11 EST. With saturday being our official "day off" in which members generally either exp, work on progression, alts, unofficial raids, ect. Currently we require 35% attendence from our members. As a DKP guild with points awarded hourly, it pays to have good attendence. :)

Requirements as an Applicant:

It is important that our applicants have Dreadspire Keep and Theatre of Blood access at the minimum. This will allow you to raid in the places you will best be able to win loot from as an invite. If you do not have these completed, you may still apply to Reviction, but to make full member you must have these keys completed. We also require a minimum of 300aa (as long as 100 weren't spent on tradeskills and such) before applying. All invites must mantain at least 35% attendence at all times during probation and 90 days after making full member. Failure to do so can result in termination of membership at the leader's discretion.

*Cross server applicants are very welcome and encouraged to apply, but please contact one of the officers listed below in game beforehand.


If you are interested in or have questions regarding Reviction, please contact one of the following : Chandon, Janson, Frejaxx, or Carlo - and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about Reviction. Thank you for your time!


Chandon - 75th Druid of Tunare on Erollisi Marr

02-27-2007, 03:16 PM
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