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02-28-2007, 10:07 AM
Where are they specifically. I hear there are soloables in Katta (even quads) but everything I've attempted in that zone has summoned me.

02-28-2007, 10:13 AM
I have heard two of the elemental types summon, while two do not. I forget which is which.

I know this isn't very helpful. I am nearly positive Earth was one of the summoning type.

I havn't seen much in the instances summon, now that I think of it. I have heard of people kitting in Atiiki for sure.


02-28-2007, 01:13 PM
I am not doing any solo bottomed out quests. This is the first of the Thallius line (

for my group ones.....but I have done a really chaotic one that gave me 76 orux but was not with my guild.

The solo tasks that I do are from the guy in the tent Guard Captain Parvus he gives serpent slayer and say "dent" to get another from him I believe battling the shisshars.

Also there is herb retrieval from the Alchemist Hesia......make sure you update first by the side of the herb garden but if you loot items first then update either drop them and pick them up or trade with someone and hit cancel and it will update you. I usually do these two in conjunction (as druid succor to zone in ....well now bound there but if i want to take my group) and rinse and repeat.....don't forget once you update on your task to say "serpents" to one and "retrieve" to the other and get more.

I put this on SK board.....also there is pirate mission that is very similar to the old 69.1 kite spot.....first few pulls are hairy but I could see druids grabbing that. It is dblue,whites,yellows and namer who doesn't summon.

Here is the first in the series but we only did it once to unlock the 2nd and I honestly don't know if you can get 2nd before gives 50doubloons and the first is tedious but do able no summoning 2nd is like 69.1 all over again. (wizard did evac split some of the mobs)

Hope this helps.

03-01-2007, 06:16 AM
From what I have had experience with the water elementals do not summon. They can either dispell or cure themselves, and they have this wierd stun. It lasts about 18 seconds I think, and at the same time they memblur themselves. A double edged sword... on one hand they don't whack you to death while you are standing around looking like an idiot all stunned, but they also get huge regen from not being aggroed.

The earth ones summon, seem to hit for more (warrior type?) and have a root/dot. Most annoying in my opinion.

The air ones don't summon I think, but if 2 of the elementals do then these are the other. They have this massive annoying dispell, but I haven't seen it often. It's stripped 3-4 buffs at once from me. They also have some other effects but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

The fire ones are annoying. They do not summon, but have insane regen. I have cast swarm of fireants, wasp swarm, swarming death, and winged death on them and their hp go down by less than 1% a tic... at least I am pretty sure they go down. You can tell easier by nuking them and watching them get almost to full health before you can get the next one off. They also have a fire based dot/snare.

Some of the snakes summon, most don't. Terrorfangs are sks, don't summon. Revenants are... maybe necros? Also don't summon. Arbitors don't summon, templars (pally?) don't summon. I am pretty sure acolytes don't summon. Firetongues are the annoying ones... they do summon. Unfortunately you need to kill these for the 2nd task in the serpent slayer line. I haven't conned someone into duoing 5 of these with me yet. Ugh... probably going to get nerfed from me writing this... the place to quad kite is the greenhouse. None of the alchemist/herb guys summon. You can round them up and have 2 quads worth, with 4 extra snakes in the little ruined building to the south you can take one at a time if you manage to clear the greenhouse. (The ones in the little building are different types and won't stay together in a quad. Sometimes summoners can spawn in the little building as well.) You can do the herb and serpent slayer task at once pretty fast this way. I have around 10.5K mana buffed and I tend to go oom-ish toward the end of the quad, I just run ahead, med enough for a nuke, repeat. Be sure not to run too far ahead or you lose aggro and they regen. You have plenty of room to kite east and west, only one swirly elemental roamer to the east around where the grass ends towards the barrier. Do not bring them near the hills or they will separate. I always have to resnare them once.

The swirling drowned vortex mobs for the coral dust quest do not summon, but they are immune to root and snare. They also have this whirly spell that spins you, enough so that they can get to me, stun me, and bash me to death while I'm cussing them out. Good luck to those of you taking these on.

As for tasks everything in Fate of the Combine can be kited, including the emperor. A druid can evac pull this whole zone easily, I've done it when our FD puller went LD and a couple times with a sucky bard after we all got fed up with waiting for his rezzes. Try to group through it a couple times to learn the spawns. You of course need at least 3 people to get and stay in this task. Everything on your way down to the last level are single pulls, barring roamers. That also means skipping the rooms on the 2nd level in order to finish the mission sooner. On the bottom level you can skip the room to the north, first hallway to the north. Looks sort of like a T. You can also skip the big room first to the south, the one that leads through to the other side. At first you don't have much room, but root rotting also works. Height filter works wonders on your map.

Good luck people

03-03-2007, 10:32 AM
Last night I was in Jewel of Atiiki and there were some dark blue and white mobs that don't summon. Effreets and other stuff.