View Full Forums : Ancient Vengeance of Najena looking for a 70 Raiding Warden

03-02-2007, 05:04 PM
Ancient Vengeance is currently recruiting lvl 70 raiders of the following classes:








If you're not in that list feel free to contact us anyway, we may consider you.

AV is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, with raids currently happening 4-6 nights a week. AV plays US timezones, as our raid time is often between 6:00-9:00pm pst(9:00-12:00 est) during the weekdays, weekends generally try to start earlier and usually end later.

We are currently Guild Level 60.

Ancient Vengeance is a DKP guild, feel free to ask for more details.

We are by no means a loving family guild. We are here to kill stuff, get loot, and kill better stuff as we move on. We are mostly looking for applicants who can maintain 70% ++ raid attendance.

We make the best of what we have and in most cases, we get the job done.

For more information contact Reix, Psykos, Dufrest, Slyver, or Aricajade(Recruitment Officer) in-game. Or drop by our forums at