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03-26-2007, 04:50 PM
How much value, in hp/mana terms, do folks place on extra resists?

I'm well off my resist cap, so each point of resists is relevant.

The particular case I'm looking at is an augment - Pendant of the Overspirit (10ac, 35hp/mana, 5 resist all).

What level of pure hp/mana augment is better? 50/50? 60/60? I know it's all subjective, but will have a hard time choosing especially when they fix the broken Fabled Rockhopper aug (which is like the Pendant of the Overspirit but 55hp/mana).

03-26-2007, 05:30 PM
I don't use just pure resist augs but I have that aug on my bp and would prob not give it up until and 80/80/80 or higher came along because even though we don't need it AS much I like the ac.

I use a Kromkiff HP aug that also has resists.....Again I am hesitant to give up hps much less resists so I am hoping that my gear itself will upgrade with resists and my augs are mainly hp/mana and if they have resists great.

TBS has LOTS of caster but with that said.....I just finished the DoDH mask and 50 to all is nice....I can buff 508 or so cold and only one mpg group trial done etc.

I know some folks are either HP's or Mana and I used to focus more on hps but our tank in nightly grp holds that aggro enough that now I have a little of both and utlimately want all hps/mana augs.

Looked at your gear you have done an excellent job at this and I look forward to trying to duplicate that.

Only one I am seeing that might switch out for to get hps (which might not be your original question) is the quested aug in the Paw 60h/m/e and take out Hive one in your belt...loose 5 mana to gain 60hps is good thing.


03-27-2007, 02:15 PM
Hit points > all.

The reason is that while you might use resists some of the time, you use HP all of the time. No matter how high your resists, there are some spells that will get you and when they do, you want the hit points to survive them.

That said, I might use an aug that has AC in my shield over one that has more HP because shield AC can go over the cap.

03-28-2007, 02:49 PM
I've been playing for several years, and without exception each and every time I have died in game, it was because I ran out of Hitpoints.

Mana, resists, AC and other stats ... it all weighs on gear selections, to be sure.

But, HPs > all

03-28-2007, 05:10 PM
every time I have died in game, it was because I ran out of Hitpoints/chuckle

Everytime I've died in the game it was because I ran out of hitpoints too. Funny how it works that way. :cool:

The first rule of combat is don't get hit. That's avoidance. The second rule of combat is roll with the punch. That's mitigation. The third rule is outlast your opponent. That's durability, aka Hitpoints.

Resists are avoidance for spells. You can't cast on me, I can't take damage. So the whole resist deal is relative and situational, based on you being a target for detrimental casting, or in a detrimental AE, that can be resisted. Fanra is on the money with that factoid: If you aren't frequently a position where you have to fight off a detrimental spell, then resists are less important to you.

Personally, I've come to believe that if you can fix it so you take less damage than everyone else, (resists for spell damage; AC, avoidance and mitigation for melee damage) then you actually need less hitpoints. It's like choosing between a tank with high AC and low HP and one with low AC and high HP. Give me the higher AC please, so long as they have enough hitpoints to last as long as it takes to heal them. Of course with the right gear, you'll have uber resists and Hitpoints to boot. It's all relative.

During raids, I will sacrifice a Shaman or Ranger HP buff to make sure I have Tribunal, Guard of Druzzil, and Seasons up, as well as run personal tribute for maximum to all resists. It's been working for me so far.

03-28-2007, 06:00 PM
Also relevant is whether you're in the "sweet spot" where resists make a difference against a particular spell. If you're facing a spell that checks fire -300, then it won't make a difference whether you have fire resists of 0 or 100. Going from 300 to 400 is likely to make a significant difference. Yet if you then face a spell that checks fire -500, going from 300 to 400 probably won't help much.

Given that the "sweet spot" is relatively narrow under the current resist system, yet can vary widely between encounters, I'd say that as long as you can resist typical player castable spells reliably, go with hp for gear. Buffs are a different story, since those are much easier to tailor to a particular encounter (though I find I rarely have issues fitting all relevant buffs these days, even with my collection of clickies).

03-28-2007, 10:09 PM
Thanks for the input :)

Conclusion: Hitpints are good. Resists are good too. At the moment, for me, I think I've decided that 5 to all resists > 15hp/mana. When I'm faced with better than 50/50/50 augs to swap out, the decision is likely to get tougher :)

04-12-2007, 05:13 AM
It's a bit late of a reply but I am going to make it anyway.

I think HP/mana > resists but that both are important. I raid with 625 x 5 and have with the right buffs high corruption and appreciate these resists when I resist things that others in my group do not. I however don't use resist augs apart from the higher hp ones - black orb of scrykin etc.

What I do use to top up my lacking resist(s) (MR is always the low one for me - always always always!) is to have tribute for them. I don't have all 5 on but I put it on my one or two lowest that won't hit 625 without my dod mask clicky. I only ever personally use tribute on raids and I had solely hp and mana for a long time so it fits in perfectly as at raid time is when I value my resists being at their best. I value my buff slots and keep a lot of clickies etc up so tribute works perfectly. It's really very handy and quite cheap - there are loads of cheap or easily farmable tribute items in the game. It frees up aug slots for hp/mana augs and buff slots for other things. Its just another easy way to keep your hps etc without having to sacrifice the resists.

08-31-2007, 02:40 PM
Thanks for the input :)

Conclusion: Hitpints are good. Resists are good too. At the moment, for me, I think I've decided that 5 to all resists > 15hp/mana. When I'm faced with better than 50/50/50 augs to swap out, the decision is likely to get tougher :)

So Alaene, now that you have augs better then 50/50/50 to swap out, what is your decision? =p

09-15-2007, 11:09 AM
I have always seen the value in resists, but I have never seen the value of considering resists during gear decesions. The choices you make regarding resists w/ gear usually aren't large enough to change your resist rate in any situation.

If you want my advice, sure they may be nice to have, but I wouldn't go out of my way to accomodate for them. If you're worried about resists for a paticular fight, just complain to the bards about resist songs. With anguish+ gear, resist buffs, and resists songs, you should max any paticular resist you need.

As far as corruption resist, I started to build this up and feel it was worthless. I don't resist at a 'reasonable' rate so feel like I wasted time/distiller pp ploping 'em in.