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04-03-2007, 03:46 AM
March 29, 2007

*** Highlights ***

The Anniversary scavenger hunts and fabled NPCs will continue to be available until April 16, 2007.

Is your EverQuest character a great traveler, a community leader, or do you have a fabled tale to tell? Want a chance to get an item named after your character? Are you "The Fabled Adventurer"? Then show us the tale of your character. Read about The Fabled Adventurer Video Contest on the EQPlayers website.

*** Items ***

- Increased the AC on the Arcane Scroll of Suncrest.
- Increased the AC on Orb of Stonecarving.
- Increased AC, and reduced HP / Mana on the Fabled Great Shadow Platemail.
- Increased the HP / Mana on the Fabled Halo of Enlightening Barriers.
- Corrected the AC and Endurance on the Fabled Fire Idol.
- Corrected the stats on the Fabled Jenniy's Two-tone Cuirass.
- Added an augment slot to the Efreeti Death Visage.
- Removed augment slots from the fabled augments.
- Increased the stats for Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore to be more in line with the effort required to complete it.
- Changed the weight formula on the Frost-Carved Granite Statue to be less restrictive.
- Costs of Rank III spells in The Buried Sea have been reduced by half.
- Changed the Fabled Scimitar of Shissar Slaying to use the correct body type.
- Added additional worn effects to TBS Combine and Pirate vendor armor.
- Changed damage/delay ratios for several TSS weapons.
- Added mods to the Sleetcaller's Mask of Icy Precision and the Scaleguardian's Guise.
- Modified weapon ratios for many TBS Weapons.
- Upgraded Block on TSS and TBS armor.
- Improved several augments from Solteris.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Smith Gyasi will now give the normal cash rewards for doing the quest for ore.
- The Cursebearers of Ink'tuta can no longer be thwarted by invulnerability effects.

*** Spells ***

- The Standards that increase Max HP, Max Mana, and Max Endurance are now mutually exclusive. You can receive the benefits of one at a time.

*** AA ***

- Lowered the reuse timer on the Veteran AA Intensity of the Resolute to 4 hours and reduced the casting time to instant.
- Increased the amount of hitpoints absorbed by the AA Uncanny Resilience (Ranks 2 and 3 only).
- Increased the duration of all 3 ranks of the AA Mind Over Matter.
- The AA Manadraw should now stack with the Clarity line of spells.
- Removed the Manadrain component from the AA Veil of Mindshadow (All 3 Ranks).
- Glyph expendable AAs are no longer focusable.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Caerlyna will now accept Dark Blue Hand Made Backpack Tokens.
- Fixed the setting for the Fabled Wards of Life and Death in Acrylia as well as the Cursed, Creator, and High Priest in Ssra Temple. They should be more Fabled and less wimp now.
- Fixed several scavenger hunt access issues.
- Added recipes for the new ice for the shakes.

- The EverQuest Team