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04-11-2007, 04:13 PM
Hail All,
I know how hard it is to come back to the game or get much accomplished by yourself. Earthen Guardians is a Family Style Guild on the Bristlebane server. We are an old guild originating on the Sol Ro server and we are pretty newbie friendly. We accept members level 10 and up that have read our charter and agree to the terms and ideals in the charter. Our Website is ( so come by and check us out if you are looking for a new home. We are not a big raiding guild but do help with epic mobs and two groupable miniraids. Most of our higher level (70+) members are also members of a raiding coalition called After Hours Raiding. I would highly recommend if you are level 70+ to look at this website and apply for membership. ( Raid Times: Wed-Sun 10pm cst-1ish am cst. With this group you can have your family style guild and your heavy raiding also. After Hours Raiding is currently farming Anguish (not MMO) and DoN (Not Vish) on a weekly basis.
If you are interested in the Earthen Guardians Guild and have read the charter and rules shoot me a tell in game "Zanman" or any of the other officers of the guild --Arielnicole, Vertro, Idiotan(guild leader), Endiment (Co-guild leader)

If you have any guestions, feel free to email me at:
Thanks and good hunting,