View Full Forums : I need some PLing advice.

04-16-2007, 06:27 AM
I've read all of the threads, but to be honest after being on an EQ hiatus for a few years; the information was very overwhelming.

I've recently leveled my druid up to 70 with 146 AA's.
I'm decently bazaar equipped, but nothing special. I want to switch to my 47 SK as my main, but I have no clue where the fastest place to pl him to 60 will be.

I've heard a lot about shrouding, but never really done it before. So I really am unfamiliar with it.

So if anyone could take a few minutes to help me out i'd really appreciate it.

04-17-2007, 05:55 AM
I PLed a box cleric in Karnors a while back. Just pulled 3 or 4 mobs at a time and had them beat on the druids DS, used ensnare to pull and clicky root pants to keep them in place and beating on me.

ade sure I either did an AE with cleric or hit them a few times with hammer.

So long as Druid only does damage with DS then cleric gets exp.
(Cleric and druid are NOT grouped)

Think I did this untill 51, have not yet taken the cleric any higher.